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List of all added chemicals to cigarettes : drugs

Menthol cigarettes brand

I used to work for an international tobacco processing facility. Half of the chemicals you see here that appear to be “harmful” are actually found in the acetate filter, the ink (branding), the packet, and in trace quantities due to the treatment/dyeing/recycling of the paper/hemp sheath. Some occur in the tobacco plant naturally, it&#39 s just that we primarily want the nicotine. In a normal unflavoured cigarette, the only “chemical” added to the tobacco is H2O.

The Tobacco is harvested and dried on site, (on the farm in Virginia, Columbia, India wherever). Tobacco is like Tea, each plant grown in a different area with different nutrients produces a different taste. The tobacco is separated into leaf and stem. (leaves and sticks). The leaf is the premium product, the stem is the cheap filler.

Each brand of cigarette has a different blend of tobacco, both the mix of regional tobacco&#39 s and the mix of leaf/stem/recycled tobacco dust. The different combinations of these makes a particular brand, this is why different brands have different strengths and tastes.

The tobacco leaf gets unloaded from the stores and is almost perfectly dry and very brittle, therefore dusty. It gets loaded onto conveyors in its large dry form and sliced into large chunks by hydraulic knives. These chunks fall into conditioning cylinders, (imagine these as large soda cans rotating on their sides) the conditioning cylinders have paddles and vanes inside to break up the tobacco and steam jets to add lots of moisture.

If it is a “flavoured” brand, it is at this point that a flavour mix is added to the tanks and sprayed on with the steam. This flavour mix is up to the same standard as the food industry and is perfectly edible, it is highly concentrated. (You&#39 d be surprised how much maple syrup is exported/imported just for this purpose).

The Sticks are loaded onto separate lines and passed into a high pressure steam system. The sticks are pressurised with high pressure steam in a cylinder, the steam and sticks are allowed to escape through a nozzle, the steam expands as it goes through this nozzle and reaches atmospheric pressure. Because the tobacco is also &#39 pressurised&#39 and infused with this steam, the tobacco explosively expands at this point also. Think of it like the “dive bell” episode of Mythbusters. This process expands the stem so less is used to fill a cigarette or packet.

The tobacco is then left for a minimum of 4 hours to &#39 settle&#39 before further processing. It&#39 s now conveyed to a series of blending silos where the amounts of each type are weighed and measured for different blends. It is processed by high speed rotational cutters that shred it into slices of no more than 1/16th of an inch.

The moisture of the tobacco is monitored closely. Too wet and you&#39 ll get dirty brown spots on your paper, too dry and when you light it, instead of embers, you&#39 ll get something akin to a candle flame. This process produces lots of tobacco dust, this dust is saved and recycled. It is wet and pressed into sheets and re used in the product, very little is wasted.

The filters are made using bails of acetate, this is drawn into machines that shape, cut and wrap it in &#39 cork paper&#39 (or a brand/pattern). Everything is then drawn using compressed air to production machines that wrap it all in paper, cut it to size, stick it into a packet, and wrap it for delivery.

Because this product goes into the mouth it&#39 s classed as a food, and has the same rigid standards that the food industry should adhere to. At no point does anyone add anything other than water to the tobacco plant, with the exception of flavours, which are a higher standard than the stuff you can buy at the supermarket. This is because it makes them money and they can afford it. I can assure you that they have a very well paid staff of chemists and doctors who&#39 s job it is to find and report on this stuff. It&#39 s all sampled & tested. Any supplier that uses any product on the plant is essentially &#39 blacklisted&#39 , they won&#39 t be bought from again.

TLDR flavourings and water added to tobacco. Nothing else.

Edit for Grammar/Spelling/Mythbusters link.

Edit #2 Thank you kind stranger for the gold, I&#39 d like you to realise that you&#39 re paying me for participating in potentially/maybe/probably slowly killing a few generations slightly earlier than normal.

Edit #3 Front page thingy!! Also an afterthought, through honesty and transparency I&#39 ve almost single handedly turned an anti smoking page into an advertisement for tobacco products, It&#39 s a shame they aren&#39 t allowed to advertise anymore, perhaps then they could pay me. wink wink/carton of a premium brand.

Edit #4. Clarification/Personal opinion… The factories and processes I have described above are within the EU, the are not U.S. Factories. I haven&#39 t seen a U.S. factory, I didn&#39 t want to directly address it, as I would be in the same &#39 boat&#39 as most of you, “an internet laymen”, who&#39 s sifting through the propaganda and misinformation to find the nuggets of fact. There are links provided by concerned people below that explain different processes. If you&#39 re interested I would highly recommend learning about them.

The world/planet we currently exist on does not contain &#39 America then everybody else&#39 . There&#39 s a whole world out there, full of people who think a little bit differently. I apologise for giving you the impression that “this” is representative of the whole industry. I was trying to give a balanced inside viewpoint of a process I was familiar with.

If it were not for laws directly prohibiting it, there would be several campaigns and explanations by the tobacco companies themselves, but essentially some &#39 do gooder&#39 somewhere decided that because they didn&#39 t want to do a thing, you couldn&#39 t either. They went a little further and by introducing a &#39 marketing ban&#39 have stopped these companies from showing transparency within their production facilities, by labeling it advertising, that&#39 s why all this look like it was filmed in the 70&#39 s and edited using archive footage. I am able to tell you what I experienced because I don&#39 t work for them. At this moment in time, (and the past 8 or so years) I haven&#39 t even been remotely associated with them.

I won&#39 t be able to roam /r/conspiracy with impunity anymore, by my own admission, I have experience in an industry and am on the verge of &#39 shill&#39 territory with regards to a bias I may or may not (probably do) have. This is the price I pay for honesty. No wonder people who tell the truth aren&#39 t elected into politics. No one wants to hear an actual first hand account of something they might not know, or have misconceptions about.

This post was originally a marginal side line post in /r/Drugs. A community I&#39 ve come to respect due to the oversight of medical professionals, the experiences of users/grower/manufacturers of drugs, and the vast array of corresponding anecdotal testimonies of users, I didn&#39 t intend for &#39 Reddit front page&#39 , I was just trying to inform people that it is a lot more like “this” than it is “this”