Refined tastes, pleasant aroma, lightness and ease. Unfading, aristocratic charm with Vogue cigarettes. What makes this product special? What categories are represented in the global market? Latest news and offers. The price of the product, making it to discount cigarettes.
Vogue is the perfect product sample for a smoking lady. This is the minimum of harm and maximum aesthetic pleasure. Invaluable time to be alone with you and think. A brand that has acclimatized and occupies a leading position on the tobacco market.

Features of the brand.
Air, porous filter. It is intended for impregnation with pleasant smells. This is one of the differences from men’s products.
Low concentration of nicotine (only 0.5 ml).
The content of resinous substances: 4-7 ml.
Prevention of hard aftertaste and smoke aroma by introducing aromatic compositions.
Exquisite length and small diameter (4.5 ml).

Vogue Superslims Menthol and Vogue Superslims appeared on the German market in 1987.
Vogue Lilas cigarettes changed in 2007. Some innovations were made to the design of the pack. They put a message where they describe in detail the innovations of the brand. When creating these cigarettes, special attention was paid to all the details: tobacco blends, invigorating and refined flavors, feminine and concise design. Natural substances are involved in this form, which provide magnificent amber. Vogue Lilas cigarettes are loved by many ladies who also like buying them as discount cigarettes.
Vogue Menthe is an original cigarette brand with mint, menthol flavor and indescribable attractiveness. This view has a number of advantages that are important for each lady. For example: a tutu looks like a good accessory. And menthol products perfectly emphasize the unsurpassed taste and choice of a real lady.

And, of course, a lady as any consumer will like the chance to buy the brand as discount cigarettes. That is possible while purchasing these cigarettes in online shops.