camel-blueCamel cigarettes are a cigarette brand, which is produced by the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company developed the unique taste of cigarettes, which was produced due to the use of the Turkish and American tobacco assortments.

This brand is usually associated with Joe Camel, a brand figure, which reputation is basically indistinguishable with such Walt Disney figures as Mickey Mouse and Marlboro man.

Prior to the appearance of this brand, R.J. Reynolds led an advertising campaign for some time with the witticism “Camels Are Coming” (an association with the Scottish melody “The Campbells Are Coming”), shocking the society with these news.

This exciting approach had incited to the way that these cigarettes transformed into a hit immediately after their release. They quickly got an extreme popularity within the country.

In 2000, the company experts introduced the new menthol – free cigarettes Camel Turkish Gold, in summer 2001, the Camel Turkish Jade cigarettes with menthol were propelled.

In 2005, Camel cigarettes were renovated, changing the filter shading and blueprint.

Furthermore in 2005, the Turkish Silver cigarettes were released. These were ultra-light cigarettes, which were manufactured from all known Turkish tobaccos.

The value of Camel cigarettes was realized by the way that an awesome tobacco blend is used. This was the essential brand, which was produced from the mixture of Turkish and Virginian tobacco sorts.

This mixture was considerably simpler to smoke than any solid and harsh tobacco that was utilized for the production of some other cigarette brands.

Camel cigarettes are additionally known for their serious and captivating menthol taste.

Camel Cigarettes are not the goods that are broadly publicized now, because they are incredibly notable and are showcased in more than 90 markets. Unmistakable combinations, for instance, Classic, Turkish and Exotic Blends of this brand make it to one of the world’s leading five tobacco brands. People do not ask much when they simply hear the name of this brand; the name tells everything for itself.

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