The controversy behind E cigarettes hitting TV advertisement

We all sit intensely watching the TV after a hard day s work. Reclined in a chair, feet up, hot chocolate in hand feeling relaxed. Over 90% of homes in the UK have a TV in their house. Let s face it we are TV addicts. If we re not tuned in ourselves, we re whining at the kids to stop watching so much. So with numbers of TV viewers constantly rising, it s no wonder why brands are willing to pay thousands for a short TV ad.

We ve all done it, seen something on the TV and thought wow I need to have that! Whether it s that beef burger cheese pizza being advertised on a Friday night or the new no chip nail varnish being launched by a makeup brand, we have all seen it and wanted it and most of us have bought it. Even worse when you re watching kids TV and there s nonstop adverts showing the latest toys on the market and you re being asked Mummy Daddy can you buy me that? How many people buy their car insurance on a comparison site now just so they can have a free meerkat? TV ads are one of the most effective ways of marketing for any brand, so it s no wonder why ecig brands have jumped on the bandwagon. I m pretty sure that nobody foresaw the amount of hullabaloo that would break out in response to an innocent TV ad hitting our screens.

Controversy point numero uno

  • Electronic cigarettes should not be advertised on TV as it is promoting people to start smoking.

Reasons why all the antsy anti smoking critiques should calm down

Electronic cigarettes were not made to promote smoking. They are not targeted at people who are non smokers. They are simply a healthier substitute for people who smoke tobacco cigarettes. The aim is to switch your tobacco cig for an ecig NOT to buy an ecig for the sake of having one!

Controversy point numero dos

  • Ecigs should not be on TV when it is almost certain youngsters may see it.

Reasons why ecig brands are not trying to pollute the young minds

I could be wrong but I m pretty sure these ads are only shown after a certain time on TV (well it s only ever been quite late when I ve seen them). They are not being shown in between day time TV when kids are most likely to watch. They are also put on TV channels that most kids are not interested in watching. However because it is on TV there is a chance a child will see it, but how many times has a child seen an adult smoke? I understand it is not something we want children viewing (the same as I don t like vaping around children or when I smoked I would never do it around children). The reality is most children are aware cigarettes exist. Ecigs are quite clearly targeted at existing smokers. If a child doesn t smoke then they should have no interest what so ever in the electronic kind. On the off chance of a child thinking vaping is a cool thing to do (the same as some youngsters think smoking is cool ) ecigs are hard to get hold of for minors. Firstly, most websites confirm you are 18 before entering the site. Secondly, a child shouldn t have a bank card to make a purchase online until they have a job themselves. And thirdly, any ecigs that are sold in shops are sold on the tobacco counter or medicine counter and therefore you would need proof of ID to be sold one. I pretty sure durex haven t been scrutinised for advertising condoms on TV couldn t this be viewed as promoting sex? No it is promoting safe sex. The truth is every advert is targeted towards a certain audience but anyone could view it when it is being publicised through a media source. Another example is page 3 models in the papers. They were not put there for the younger generation to see but there s no stopping a teen flicking through a paper someone has left on the train? Let s all calm down. Children are exposed to a lot of things they shouldn t be. It is their parent s job to tell them right from wrong. It s not like ecigs are being advertised in between cartoons!

Controversy point numero tres

  • The government have spent millions on discouraging people to smoke and now apparently ecig companies are saying its ok.

Reasons why all those images of black lungs, toothless mouths, infected eyes and wrinkled skin will never stop haunting us

One thing I hated about smoking was the gruesome images that were plastered over the cigarette packages. It s a constant reminder of what your body could look like if you continue smoking. As an ex smoker it is something I will never forget. Every time I looked at the pictures I thought that could be me! The same with quit smoking TV ads, they pull at your heart strings and make you think twice before lighting up. Again I m going to point out tobacco cigs and ecigs are two separate products. They do not have the same side effects. I know there hasn t been extensive research carried out on any damages ecigs could do to your body, but it is certain they do not cause cancer and they do not have even half the amount of toxins in them. Ecig brands are not telling smokers to carry on puffing away on their (confirmed to be bad for your health) tobacco cigarettes they are quite simply saying make the switch! Vaping and smoking are two separate things. If ecig brands thought it was ok to smoke they would not invest their time and money in making a healthier substitute product for smokers. It is not ok to smoke as much as it is not ok vape unless you are a smoker already. Ecigs are a substitute for tobacco cigs. If you have never picked up a cigarette then why would you be tempted by an ecig? If you don t smoke be proud of it!

Once again ecigs are being scrutinised for doing something tons of other brands have done. TV ads do have hidden messages most of them being BUY THIS PRODUCT!

Remember there is not one ad on our television that appeals to EVERYONE. The same goes for ecigs they are targeted to smokers only (encouraging them to make the change).

It s simple if you don t like watching ads then don t watch them! Flick to the music channels instead and have a little dance around the room to chirp yourself up instead of being a negative bad mouth.

by Ares Florentino


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E-cigarette reportedly explodes in pub, sets bartender’s dress on fire

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Last month, it was reported that the liquid vapor in e cigarettes has been proven to be poisonous for faux smokers. Today, a video has surfaced of an electronic cigarette exploding in a British pub burning 18 year old bartender Laura Baty’s dress. Baty was unharmed in the mini explosion making this video okay to LOLOLOL at but still, DA FUQ?

According to the York Press, Baty’s co worker had been charging the smoking device behind the bar when it suddenly burst into flames and shot into the air.

“I could see the fire coming at me and I felt the heat as I ran away, I started crying hysterically and my arm was all black. My dress caught on fire as I ran away and I just didn’t know what was happening.”

A spokesperson for the unspecified e cigarette brand was all over damage control but does it matter?

A spokesperson for the manufacturer of the e cigarette’s battery told the York Press that a “dedicated electronic cigarette charger” had apparently not been used in this case and that “charging lithium batteries incorrectly and failing to take necessary care of these devices can lead to catastrophic failure.”


(Via York Press)