Some e cigarettes emit carcinogens

If you thought that electronic cigarettes are not harmful, think again. This doesn t seem to be the case anymore. There are evidences that though the e cigarette is not really harmful as true cigarettes full of nicotine, the assumption that it was completely harmless also was very far from the truth.

A new study seems to be a wake up call for those who used it to give up actual cigarette smoking and fell for it in a big way.

Now these people should realize that e cigarette are going to harm you in the long term.

A latest report in this regard says that e cigarettes can be very harmful as its vapour may be carcinogenicImage.

There is no denying the fact that the spiraling sales of e cigarettes has awakened the sleeping officials. The industry is worth more than two billion dollars. A top FDA official while advocating the regulations said, When finalized (the proposal) would result in significant public health benefits, including through reducing sales to youth, helping to correct consumer misperceptions, preventing misleading health claims and preventing new products from entering the market without scientific review by FDA .

The latest study which has been carried out by the industry journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research, says that in many cases e cigs become so much hot that they can begin producing some of the same carcinogens that are found in cigarettes. The report suggests that in several cases formaldehyde is created along with the nicotine vapor.

But despite the said conclusion, authors of the study are still unanimous that e cigarettes are harmful but far less harmful than actual cigarettes.

How to buy electronic cigarette and avoid unhealthy smoking

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  1. The verdict is in Electronic cigarettes are much healthier than their tobacco counterparts. If you want to avoid unhealthy smoking, it may be time to by e cigs and give them a try. In fact, some doctors are now recommending electronic cigarettes to their patients who want to quit smoking. Recent research has shown that just switching to electronic cigarettes can drastically reduce your risk coronary heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer. This healthy alternative can literally change your life by helping restore your health.

    The Lesser Evil

    1. Less poisonous. Studies show that tobacco cigarettes contain over 200 toxins and poisons, while electronic cigarettes contain only one or two. It s true that e cigs still contain nicotine, but it does not have other harmful ingredients that are found in tobacco deadly ingredients like tar and carbon monoxide, which are the two leading causes of lung cancer in smokers.

    2. No second hand smoke. Electronic cigarettes also don t produce second hand smoke, making it safer for people around you. Now you can smoke without being offensive to anyone. Your non smoking friends and family members will thank you for switching to electronic cigarettes.

    3. No burns. Another advantage of electronic cigarettes is that they do not cause burns. You no longer need to worry that you might burn yourself or someone else with fallen ash. You also don t need to worry about any flames. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, e cigs are not fire hazards.

    4. No yellow teeth. Unlike tobacco that clings to your teeth, e cigs are clean. It doesn t have any of the ingredients found in tobacco that cause your teeth to turn yellow or to have visible stains. Electronic cigarettes are also healthier because they do not cause bad breath. If you want healthy teeth for life, switch to e cigs immediately.

    5. Quit smoking. Ultimately, electronic cigarettes can help you quit smoking altogether. Switching from regular tobacco to e cigs can help you cut back on the smoking habits and eventually quit for good.

    Another great thing about e cigs is that they are sold in different scents to suit your preference or your mood. Notice how the smell of tobacco lingers on your hands and clings to your hair and clothes? That will no longer be a problem when you switch to electronic cigarettes. Choose from vanilla to coffee to menthol what scent you go with is entirely up to you. Once you are tired of a particular scent, you can immediately switch to a new one.

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