Currently, no one will be surprised by the new tobacco heating system called iqos. It has become not only popular for the vast majority of smokers, but also vital. After all, many of them are diligently looking for opportunities not to put their health at risk, but to smoke only those products that do not harm.

And this system has many advantages: the option to use the device at the airport, no smell on your hands or hair.

Thus, this gadget takes smoking to a completely new and modern level. And hits, cigarettes designed specifically for this type of smoking, only increase the desire to smoke this way. The tobacco contained in the hits is classified as the highest quality, tobacco leaves of the best quality, without blemishes. And thanks to this, the purest, deepest taste and aroma is achieved. Everything is revealed as much as possible. Enjoyment guaranteed.

Iqos heets Green is a valiant representative of the heets line. As you may have guessed, the word green is not accidental here. It denotes freshness, greenery, if you like – even spring or summer. For some smokers, these iqos heets Green will be a real discovery, since such a transparent menthol and citrus flavor is rarely found anywhere. After trying them, people begin to share their first and most unbiased impressions. And the very first sensations are always real. And it is not always easy to single out a special taste from the existing and such a large line of sticks at the first stage.

Therefore, by devoting time to iqos heets Green, you will learn more about your smoking habits. You become a connoisseur of this refreshing form of smoking. This power of menthol and citruses can attract absolutely every user.

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