Golden Gate cigarettes are classic cigarettes of standard size, which are ideal for everyday smoking. The brand was initially positioned as a middle-price tobacco product; therefore, they are available as cheap cigarettes online. The country of origin is Germany.

The quality of Golden Gate cigarettes is comparable to many premium brands, which is due to their origin. Most of the production processes are concentrated in Germany, so the finished products go on sales only after a thorough quality control at each stage of production.

The Germans, with their characteristic accuracy, accuracy and meticulousness, produce really good cigarettes and promote them worldwide as cheap cigarettes online Australia.
It is interesting that for the production of paper, flax fibers, rich in calcium carbonate, are used, which, when burned, helps whiten tooth enamel. Attention to detail – this is what distinguishes the Golden Gate against the background of competitors.

Golden Gate cigarettes have a nice, pleasant tobacco flavor and well-noted taste, in which impurities and some additives are not noted. A distinctive feature of the German cigarette brand is the firm light astringency, which is felt from the first puff. As tobacco filler, the popular American combination of Oriental, Burley and Virginia tobacco, better known as American Blend, was chosen. This is evidenced by a large inscription on the packing cap!
Cigarettes are sold in a solid cardboard pack, small and convenient for everyday wearing in an external pocket or in a purse. The packaging design is discreet, solid.
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