cigarettesMenthol is a substance that is got from essential peppermint oil or produced synthetically. One of the first companies to start adding menthol in cigarettes, was «Brown & Williamson» Company, in 1927 they released the Kool brand that, even nowadays, is very popular among menthol cigarettes’ lovers.

Tobacco containing special synthetic additive, giving a taste of menthol cigarettes is used in manufacturing. However, in most current cigarette brands only paper is impregnated with menthol.

We can always сome across menthol cigarettes with the filter in the market. Packs always contain practically green insertions and signature of Menthol.

Researchers at the International Epidemiology Institute in Rockville and Cancer Center in Nashville came to an unexpected conclusion. American scientist William J. Blot and his colleagues conducted a study and reviewed data of more than eighty five thousand smokers.

As it turned out, the number of people who died from lung cancer is lower among smokers of menthol cigarettes. As commented by “The Times of India”: “Namely menthol cigarettes are much less likely to cause lung cancer in smokers. The combination which is contained in the mint, or is produced synthetically is menthol.

As is known, it is able to activate neurons in the nervous system, which are responsible for cold sensation. As a result, while smoking of menthol cigarettes, the smoker does not feel the whole manifestation of tobacco, and, as the researchers note, this does not preclude its danger to health.

Researchers identified 440 people suffering from lung disease, cancer, and made a comparison with the control group. The control group consisted of 2213 people. This included people with similar demographic data: age, sex, race, but without lung cancer.

The experiments showed that menthol smokers who smoke more than 20 cheap cigarettes uk a day have twelve times more likely to develop a lung cancer than nonsmokers.

However, it is also proved that smokers of traditional cigarettes tend to have a higher probability of disease in twenty two times. This suggests that menthol cigarettes are associated with a lower incidence of lung cancer, and as a result, fewer deaths.
Menthol cigarettes comprise not more than 25% of the tobacco market. Teenagers, who are considered to be the most vulnerable group of citizens, prefer this type of cigarettes. This number is the total number of smokers – 50%.