At Discount Smoke Shop we offer monthly specials on our affordable tobacco products including cigarettes, roll your own tobacco products, cigars, and smokeless tobacco. If you are looking to buy discount cigarettes and tobacco in Missouri, Illinois, or South Dakota, stop by one of our conveniently located Discount Smoke Shop stores today.

Each month, we create a new promotion sheet to inform our customers of that month s special discounts on our tobacco products. View this month s special discounts on cigarettes and tobacco products by clicking the link below.

Discounts on Cigarettes and Tobacco Products About Our Monthly Promotions

On this monthly promotion ad, you will find announcements for any new products available at our stores, learn about current discount offers, and more. The following are some products on which we may offer monthly discounts or price reductions.

  • Discount Cigarettes At our stores, you can buy cigarettes at affordable prices including Nat Sherman Cigarettes, Camel Cigarettes, Winston Cigarettes, Newport Cigarettes, and more.
  • Premium Cigars You will often find premium cigars on sale at our discount smoke shop stores.
  • Roll Your Own Tobacco We sell roll your own tobacco products for discount prices. You will often find special discount offers on our RYO products including Gambler Tube Cut Tobacco, Tubes, Pouches, and Tube Injectors.
  • Pipe Tobacco In our stores, you will frequently find special discounts on pipe tobacco.
  • Smokeless Tobacco We offer special discounts on smokeless tobacco products including chewing tobacco, dipping tobacco, nasal snuff, and snus. Several of these name brand products that we sell at discount prices include Camel SNUS, Marlboro Snus, Grizzly Snuff, and many more name brands.
  • Electric Cigarettes We now carry Njoy Electric Cigarettes, a safer, smokeless alternative to tradition cigarette smoking.

As a leading discount cigarette and tobacco shop with locations throughout Missouri, Illinois, and South Dakota, we are dedicated to providing our loyal customers with low prices on all of their favorite brands. With these special monthly discounts, we allow our customers to save even more off our discount prices on cigarettes, tobacco, and more. As our discounts and special offers change monthly, stop back frequently to see our current cigarettes, cigars, and other tobacco products that are available at discount prices.

Customer Loyalty Coupon Program for Discount Cigarettes

For other money saving discounts at Discount Smoke Shop, we offer a Customer Loyalty Coupon Program that helps you save money off cigarette carton and individual cigarette pack purchases. With this loyalty program, you receive a punch card to track each cigarette purchase that you make at any of our stores. When you have purchased 20 cartons or individual cigarette packs, your card will be full. This punch card then becomes a money saving coupon to receive a special discount of $5 off your next carton or a $.25 pack of cigarettes. To find out how you can start saving money with this special coupon discount program, stop by your neighborhood Discount Smoke Shop location today.

Discount Smoke Shop Locations

The Discount Smoke Shop Family includes a number of stores throughout Missouri, Illinois, and South Dakota offering discount prices on premium cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, roll your own tobacco products, pipe tobacco, and electronic cigarettes. To see all of our locations or find a store near you view our Discount Smoke Shop Locations page. The following are some of our popular Discount Smoke Shop subsidiaries.

  • Rudy s Discount Smoke Shop
  • Cigarettes for Less
  • Welcome Smokers
  • Cigarette Express
  • Thrifty Smoke Shop
  • Smokin Deals

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