Rothmans cigarettesRothmans cigarettes are a popular high-quality tobacco product of the famous British brand, the history of which began in 1952.

Europeans have long appreciated this tobacco product, high quality English cigarettes are known in two versions: Special Mild and King Size.

The English company Rothmans, which originally produced the well-known tobacco products in the world, later it was acquired by the British American Tobacco Concern, and is in its property at the moment.

For Rothmans cigarettes production there is used tobacco of  the highest quality and the taste of which could be appreciated by connoisseurs of the original tobacco flavor all over Europe and Russia.

Classic European cigarettes sales dominate among mid-priced cigarettes. At an affordable price Rothmans cigarettes mean by all means sophistication and elegance, they are not inferior to premium products, as the very production of this product preserves the whole tradition of English tobacco smoking culture.

Rothmans King Size cigarettes have the classic strong taste; the content of tar is 10 mg, and nicotine – 0.8 mg.

Rothmans King Size Special Mild – is a softer version with the content of only 7 mg tar and less nicotine (0.6 mg). In Europe, there are still strong cigarettes of an elongated version – Rothmans Royals.

The packaging of Rothmans cigarettes is recognizable, has a classic shape with sharp corners. On a white background there is depicted an image of the corporate logo of Rothmans cigarettes. The producers of brand produced several series of Rothmans cigarettes in packages that look like a cigarette – case.

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