by Darren Peterson

Anyone who has done their research on electronic cigarettes would definitely have come across an electronic cigarettes brand by the name of Green Smoke. Green Smoke is currently regarded as one of the top electronic cigarettes for sale today.

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Green Smoke e cigs offer a nicely designed cartomizer and a durable battery that works by heating the cartomizer in order to produce smoke like vapor. Electronic cigarettes work very smoothly and easily, as all one needs to do is to twist the cartomizer and the battery together and simply inhale. That’s the beauty of the two piece design most of the top brands are using today.

Green Smoke Starter Kit Options

Each electronic cigarette company offers their products in the form of starter kits. There are basic starter kits and advanced ones too. All come with a different price tag and include different items. The basic kit offered by Green Smoke electronic cigarette brand is the Classic Starter Kit. The Classic Starter kit costs $59.97 and includes basic items such as one long rechargeable battery, one short rechargeable battery, one pack of cartomizers that comprise of five cartomizers in total, one wall adapter, one USB charger and one user guide plus membership card. The Classic Starter Kit is recommended for those who are just starting out on their e cig venture and don t want to spend hefty amounts of money on starter kits.

Another kit similar to the Classic kit is the Express Kit. The Express kit is also available for the same price tag as the Classic kit which is $59.97. The kit includes one battery of your choice, one USB cigarette, five red label tobacco cartomizers with 1.8 percent nicotine content, one USB home charger kit that has both the USB charger as well as the wall adapter, one USB cigarette, one deluxe carrying case and one user guide plus membership card. The advantage of choosing the Express Kit over the Classic Kit is that you get five red label tobacco cartomizers that are missing in the Classic kit as well as a free carrying case that would allow you to carry your cigarettes anywhere you go without looking for an appropriate place to keep them.

Moreover, Green Smoke also offers the Pro Kit and Ultimate Kit for slightly advanced smokers. The number of items included in both the kits is greater than the other two kits discussed above. However, obviously, the price of both kits is also higher. The Pro Kit is available for a price of $99.97 and includes one long battery, one short battery, five absolute tobacco cartomizers, five red label tobacco cartomizers (both with 1.8 percent nicotine content), one wall charger, one USB charger, one high powered car adapter and home adapter, one free carrying case and one user guide and membership card. With the Pro kit, you will get more cartomizers and therefore will not have to worry about running out of them for a good amount of time as cartomizers tend to last long in general. The Pro kit makes a perfect buy for all those who have already been smoking and want to change their brand.

The Ultimate Kit A Closer Look

On the other hand, the Ultimate Kit will cost you $129.97 and for this price, individuals will get one long battery, one short battery, one battery of their choice, five cartomizers in different flavors and five red label tobacco cartomizers (both with 1.8 percent nicotine content), two USB chargers, one USB cigarette, one high powered home and car adapter, one Deluxe carrying case, one user guide and membership card and one full grain leather carrying case. The most attractive thing about the Ultimate kit is that users get additional batteries to make sure they never have to deal with battery issues. Moreover, another thing that I personally liked about the Ultimate kit was the fact that five cartomizers were available in different flavors and I easily picked out the ones I loved the most. Moreover, the full grain leather deluxe carrying case also included in the Ultimate kit is definitely not something that you should miss. It is extremely stylish and has a very cool appeal to it. I was able to carry my electronic cigarettes wherever I went, even on formal dinners and meetings, in the full grain deluxe carrying case as it looks very formal and stylish when you carry it in your hands.

The Green Smoke Ultimate Kit has everything you need and then some to get started using their renowned brand of e cigs.

Green Smoke also offers a starter kit exclusively made for couples. The kit, called Love Birds , is priced at $169.97 and includes two of everything there are two long batteries and two short batteries, five absolute tobacco cartomizers with 1.8 percent nicotine level, five red label tobacco cartomizers with 1.8 percent nicotine level, five cartomizers in flavors of your choice (with same nicotine content of 1.8 percent), five tobacco gold cartomizers (1.2 percent nicotine level), two USB chargers, two USB cigarettes, two high powered car adapters and wall adapters plus two deluxe carrying cases. As the name suggests, Love Birds kit is directed towards couples but if you do the math and think that instead of buying the Pro kit, Ultimate kit, you should go for the Love Birds kit, you can easily do so. The difference between the two kits is minimal and in actuality, you d be saving a lot of money if you go for the Love Birds kit instead of the Ultimate kit as you get two of every item and additional cartomizers with this kit.

So, Are Green Smoke E Cigs for You?

The most noteworthy thing about Green Smoke s cigarettes is that they are extremely simple to use. The cigarettes are sleek, stylish looking and totally feel like regular cigarettes but yet at the same time, they are very easy to use and come with a 2 piece design. The reviews are unanimous in that respect everyone loves the e cigs by GreenSmoke.

Accessories offered by GreenSmoke

Green Smoke offers a variety of other accessories that one can buy as well as disposable cigarettes that are ready to be smoked and discarded after the flavor and battery ends. Disposable cigarettes save a lot of time and hassle especially when you are traveling and don t want to take batteries and cases with you. All the products of Green Smoke can be purchased directly of their website. The company accepts a number of payment methods so paying for your purchase will not be a problem at all. The site is secure and therefore, you will not have to worry about not submitting your credentials on an un trusted website. Those who have tried Green Smoke s products have only nice things to say about the company.

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It took one of America’s top tobacco blenders, Happy Wiglesworth (yes, that’s the man’s name!) nearly four years to achieve the blend called “KB2” the mix of tobaccos that makes Kentucky’s Best brand cigarettes so darn good.

It’s about 65% Premium Grade Flue Cured Tobaccos (grown mostly in Virginia and the Carolinas) and about 25% Premium Grade Toasted Air Cured Burley Tobaccos (mostly from Kentucky).

The expensive process of toasting the burley is skipped by many cigarette makers, but at Farmer’s we know it’s necessary to mellow the flavor and even the burn. The other 10% of the blend is top quality Oriental tobacco from the Mediterranean to bring out the flavors of the Burleys.

Just premium grade leaf tobaccos expertly blended. That’s why you’ll notice that Kentucky’s Best cigarettes have such a long, slow burn.

Other cigarettes are gone after a few puffs not Kentucky’s Best . Like Happy Wiglesworth says, “Blend ’em right and pack ’em tight!” That’s how you make a great cigarette.

Once you’ve tried Kentucky’s Best , we believe you’ll appreciate the time, effort and expense that went into making it.

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