vogue_bleue_en_nbVogue cigarettes are the most famous brand created specially for women. These cigarettes appeared in 1932 on the market.

After passing through time, Vogue cigarettes are still loved by the ladies. For female smokers, they are a fashionable and stylish accessory, emphasizing their elegance, sophistication, independence and self-confidence.

This cigarette brand attracts female consumers not only as the product of quality tobacco, but also as a fashionable modern design.

Vogue brand has always been feminine, so the design and taste exactly meet the needs of women.

Unlike the men’s cigarettes, distinguished by strong intensive taste and rough design, Vogue cigarettes are packed in elegant and delicate packaging, and their taste is simple and refined. The beautiful half of humanity simply could not keep from liking them.

Vogue Superslims Menthol and Vogue Superslims originally appeared in Germany in 1987. In many markets, they were presented only in 1989, and became the first cigarettes of Superslims format.

After gone through rebranding, Vogue cigarettes are still the most popular brand of women’s cigarettes.

Manufacturers of British American Tobacco pleasantly surprised their female consumers, launching Vogue Arome cigarettes onto the market that use different flavors, applied to tobacco and making cigarette smoke smell more pleasant for ladies’ olfaction .

The pack design is made with the image of flowing silk.

In 2008, manufacturers released Vogue Ephemer. The design of their packaging was elaborated by French designer Jean-Pierre Ollier.

Despite the fact that the outlook of Vogue cigarettes changed to a more modern one during their story, quality and taste remain the same all the time.

The current line of Vogue cigarettes is represented by such cigarettes like: Vogue Superslims Bleue, Vogue Superslims Lilas, Vogue Superslims Menthe, Vogue Arome Diner en ville, Vogue Arome Balade au parc and Vogue Arome Terrasse au soleil, Vogue Noire and Vogue Blanche.