A healthy lifestyle will not save the inveterate smokers. Anyway, so according to US researchers, who found out that refusal of addiction does not affect the state of the human lung. It must be said that, upsetting the audience and making them get up on the “right path” will lead to the results, which are likely to please the tobacco companies: at the end, there is no sense to stop using their production.

According to the American Cancer Society, there is a growing percentage of former smokers among lung cancer victims. Despite the fact that, if strictly speaking, lung cancer is not the most common diagnosis among smokers – more often “nicotine addicts” die from cardiovascular disease – and namely it is the most frightening thing for smoking lovers. The fact is that death in lung cancer is extremely painful, and the human body dries up right before our eyes – sometimes it occures duing many years. Meanwhile, until recently, doctors have assured patients that once they quit smoking, the risk of disease is immediately reduced. However, according to the recent data, it was nothing more than a beautiful legend.

We must say that over the last half-century, when smoking has got demonic traits in massive thinking, the percentage of people smoking decreased from 57% to 25%. Meanwhile, the growing part of non-smokers among patients is a proof of only one fact: more and more people could simply quit when they discovered the terrible diagnosis. In reality, about 87% of patients are real smokers or those who quitted. Those who had to give it up relatively early have the chance to survive. And having refused to smoke, the experienced smokers still live on the average 10 years less than those who never started.

The research results caused the debate about how to treat smokers. Doctors from all over the world as well as their patients are fighting for life and death. X-ray and tomography help detect lung cancer, but many medical organizations do not recommend abusing such diagnosis because, first of all, it is expensive, and secondly, does not give an absolute result.

Meanwhile, the cancer treatment in case of its possible absence is a fatal matter. However, a British professor Claudia Henschke says that she “checked algebra with the help of harmony” and established the exact lomit of justification of such research.

It turns out, that t those who smoked one pack of cigarettes a day and had to drag 72 thousand cigarettes (3650 packs) for any period of time, will not feel worse. However, the Henschke immediately faced the opponents who consider that the results not proven in the control group can hardly be considered as objective ones.

The representatives of the media turned out to perform the most direct influence on the newly risen “cancer hysteria. And this is an interesting nuance of the whole smoking topic.

The popular evening news presenter on ABC’s Peter Jennings announced that he is ill with lung cancer. “Yes, I was a smoker,” – said the journalist, saying that he quitted already 20 years ago.

Those ones who are interested in healthy lifestyle do not care about scientists’ disputes and statistical calculations. Living in the world where the models and Star TV chracters play the main role, they are hypnotized, repeating only one word: “trend dictates everything”.

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