Each person has different preferences in cigarettes, which are individual, corresponding to his/her wishes and feelings. But every smoker wants to try those that include high quality and affordability. There is one such a striking brand! Moreover, he has been pleasing his devoted followers all this time. Isn’t that amazing?! Of course yes!

Kent cigarettes are global in their promotion, in sales; in general, they constantly occupied a leading position. The sale of these tobacco products has always been profitable, and every year this truth has been irrefutable. But the main advantage of the brand has always been its quality; it was publicly presented as a product with an airy and delicate taste. But think about it, because the concept of airiness for each smoker is extremely individual. And analyzing this indisputable fact, the well-known 1,4 and 8 pointers appeared.

Kent Nanotek Silver is one such great example. Tar – 4 mg, nicotine – 0.4 mg per cigarette. The black pack is flat and with stripes along the sides. Such cigarettes are needed in every line so that the consumer understands whether he should increase his preferences and choose more intense cigarettes. Cigarettes smoke easily.

It is also worth noting that manufacturers have thought about the convenience of smokers when ordering cigarettes. Each pack includes individually colored stripes, and this allows you to immediately orient yourself, seeing a catalog with a number of different packs.

What are Kent cigarettes?

The success story of the famous brand took place in March 1952. At that moment, the legendary Kent cigarettes began to be sold by the Lorilard Tobacco Company. The cigarettes looked very peculiar: long -7 centimeters and expensive at that time, and attention was focused on the presence of a filter. The company was led at that time by Herbert Kent. In honor of Herbert, the brand got its name. The main majority of smokers appreciated the promoted quality of the product of this brand. They were advertised not just as ultra light, but with an emphasis on a unique and deep taste. This has always been true for this brand.