glamour cigarettesThe history of Glamour cigarettes begins in 2005. One may say it was not long ago. Then the JTI Company, the manufacturer of LD, Sobranie, Camel, Winston had released the first batch of Glamour cigarette and presented them to the market. The promotion of this brand did not incldue a powerful wide advertising support, but it rapidly managed to become popular. And two years later, this brand had become widely known in 17 different countries of Europe.

The Glamour cigarettes are a brand of light ladies’ cigarettes, which is marketed in convenient packaging. The basic formats are light and superlight cigarettes. These stylish flavored cigarettes are distinguished with the original taste, beautiful design and a relatively low cost. Their manufacturer is the Gallaher Liggett-Ducat Company (owner of the JTI brand).

The Glamour brand is positioned in the market as the cigarettes for the successful young women. The Glamour has special features, which are very important for many customers. Thus, the popularity of this brand is growing rapidly.

One of the features of Glamour cigarettes is a functional and convenient pack, fits easily into a handbag and does not occupy a lot of space there. On the other hand, a special flavor must be mentioned. Light tobaccos hardly stand out for their flavor in the Glamour cigarettes, but the flavors, which are used for the manufacturing of these cigarettes, make them the truly original items. They can be smoked as often as you want, and without any special risks for your health, you are able to just enjoy a mild taste and aroma.

The Glamour cigarettes are preferred by a great number of consumers, and the rate on the originality of the packaging also had success.

Active advertising work makes this brand of cigarettes more and more popular, besides its price makes joy for a certain possibility of saving money if compared with other promoters, which fill this market segment. In the shops, you can buy Glamour cigarettes in a wide range of presented products with varying amounts of such essential components as tar and nicotine, but mostly in low dose of 1, 3 and 5 mg tar, 0.1 – 0.3 mg of nicotine. Thus, the company is really positioning itself as a supplier of a really stylish accessory, rather than “heavy” smoke.

In recent years, JTI Company significantly expanded its production capacity. The Glamour cigarettes constantly manage to win successes in outer markets.