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Here are the 10 most important advantages of an internet shop: The main argument is and remains the elimination of the expensive shop rent that is incurred in normal shops. This money can be invested in a meaningful online marketing strategy. An internet shop provider also has fewer staff costs. A shop manager often has to be employed and staff is required for shipping and accounting, but an online shop owner can usually get by with significantly fewer staff.

Cross-selling offers are the purest sales engine. Nowadays it is possible to show every visitor an absolutely personalized online shop with modern software solutions. In a normal store, you can’t just remodel the shelves of every visitor according to their preferences. Targeted discounts can be offered that follow certain sales or quantity rules, for example, so that more is purchased. In a retail store, the customer usually feels annoyed with up-selling offers at the checkout.

Internet shop customers are not bound by opening times and therefore like to come by after work (or during their working hours?) And shop. Anyone wanting to open an internet shop also has a relatively low initial investment. The old principle applies in shops: “quantity sells quantity”. This means that there must always be a relatively large amount of goods on the shelves in order to implement a lot. Studies show that people only buy a lot when the shelves are full. Due to the increased demand for goods, the dead capital also increases drastically. An internet shop owner only has as much stock as necessary.

With an internet shop you can practically extend your own reach to an entire country (or even worldwide). If the shop owner combines innovative products with a clean online marketing strategy, then he automatically reaches much larger sales markets than with his shop. With statistical tools such as Google Analytics, a long-awaited store owner’s dream can come true: it is finally possible to find out how a customer moves through the store and what he thinks. In normal shops, this is only possible with a very complex and mostly non-objective test.

Often customers allow you to send them a newsletter after purchasing. These CRM measures create additional sales. According to studies, the online marketing costs for a new customer are up to six times more expensive than for an existing customer. All in all, however, a lot of money can be saved, which can then be invested in meaningful online marketing measures. Of course, a normal business still has its charms. We look forward to a lively discussion with further advantages and disadvantages of an internet shop.