cigarettesThere is a wide variety of kinds of cigarette holder (for cheap cigarettes and cigar). They are distinguished by following parameters: a concept (filter, cooler); design (length, thickness); material (acrylate, wood, bones, etc.); technologies (hand-made, machine work, punched).

Female and male cigarette holders. Let us talk about some details. How does a male cigarette holder differ from a female one?

This accessory became fashionable and luxurious when women got a habit to use tobacco. Gentle ladies did not with tender fingers did not like rough and thick cigarette holders. Moreover, their gloves were penetrated with fumes, leaving unpleasant smell and yellow spots. A long cigarette holder had to let ladies escape these troubles. In ladies’ fingers, it looked much better than a male holder. A female cigarette holder became then a trendy accessory. It was made from valuable materials: amber, mahogany. Incrusted cigarette holders were of special value.

Male cigarette holders were much simpler and smaler. They were easier stored and not as fragile as female ones.

Cigarette holders became out-of-fashion after appearance of cigarette filters.

Now they are trendy again. Filtered cigarette holders are especially highly demanded. Their prices vary from low to high costs.

How can you make a cigarette holder yourself?

A cigarette holder usually consists of three parts: a core, a so-called shaft and a tip. Do not try to male holders from alternate materials. A tip must have a bell shape. It must be produced from bronze. A core can be manufactured from any material.

A shaft can be made from laminates. Holes are drilled within the parts and then connected. If a cigarette holder slips out of a shank and is not tightly fastened within it, warm up a shaft in hot water and press it upon the firm surface. The diameter will be bigger, it will lay tighter. In order to clean it, use special pastes. You can use toothpaste as well. Let it be dried and then press it until it is like powder-like.

The truth is that some innovations are often nothing more than forgotten things. Cigarette holders were trendy in the past and then forgotten. But now users return to them again.

Because they are user-convenient and nice-looking.

This thing must be remembered by tobacco and accessories manufacturers.

They can hit their market and surprise clients with things, which are considered as old-fashioned, but can be very useful in reality.