The Cuban Davidoff Line edit

The cigars within the Cuban Davidoff line included…

  • No. 1 7 x 38 (192 x 15.08 mm) Laguito No. 1, a long panetela
  • No. 2 6 x 38 (152 x 15.08 mm) Laguito No. 2, a panetela
  • Ambassadrice 4 x 26 (115 x 10.32 mm) Laguito No. 3, a cigarillo
  • Tubo 6 x 38 (152 x 15.08 mm) Laguito No. 2, a panetela (same blend as the No. 2)
  • Dom P rignon 7 x 47 (178 x 18.65 mm) Julieta, a Churchill

Ch teaux Series

  • Ch teau Haut Brion 4 x 40 (102 x 15.87 mm) Perla, a tres petit corona
  • Ch teau Lafite 4 x 40 (116 x 15.87 mm) Franciscano, a tres petit corona
  • Ch teau Lafite Rothschild 4 x 40 (116 x 15.87 mm) Franciscano, a tres petit corona (name changed from above circa 1983)
  • Ch teau Latour 5 x 42 (142 x 16.67 mm) Corona, a corona
  • Ch teau Margaux 5 x 42 (129 x 16.67 mm) Mareva, a petit corona
  • Ch teau Mouton Rothschild 6 x 42 (155 x 16.67 mm) Corona Grande, a long corona
  • Ch teau Yquem 6 x 42 (152 x 16.67 mm) ?, a long corona

Mille Series

  • 1000 4 x 34 (117 x 13.49 mm) Panetela, a small panetela
  • 2000 5 x 42 (129 x 16.67 mm) Mareva, a petit corona
  • 3000 7 x 33 (178 x 13.10 mm) Ninfa, a slim panetela
  • 4000 6 x 42 (155 x 16.67 mm) Corona Grande, a long corona
  • 5000 5 x 46 (143 x 18.26 mm) Corona Gorda, a toro

Special Production

  • 80 Aniversario 9 x 47 (235 x 18.65 mm) Gran Corona, a giant or presidente

Apparently after numerous disputes over quality and ownership rights over the brand, Zino Davidoff and Cubatabaco decided to end their relationship. Leading up to this, in August 1989, Zino had publicly burned over one hundred thousand of his cigars that he had deemed of low quality and unfit to sell. The Cuban Davidoff line was officially discontinued in 1991, and an agreement was signed that no more Cuban Davidoffs would be sold in Davidoff shops worldwide. A Dominican made Davidoff cigar had already hit the market in November 1990, where production of the sizes that had been made in Cuba continues to this day.

Former managers at El Laguito have claimed that the Davidoff blend was very similar to Coh ba, though with a lighter wrapper leaf. The bands used on Davidoff cigars themselves are of the same format that personalized diplomatic cigar bands had been in previous years. Adriano Mart nez, a former executive of Habanos SA, confirmed in Min Ron Nee’s Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Post Revolution Havana Cigars that the Coh ba L nea 1492 was made to fill the gap left by the discontinuation of Davidoff.

The huge success of the Davidoff brand may have been instrumental in making Dominican premium cigars the number one bestsellers worldwide, though many would argue that this is solely as a result of the U.S. embargo on Cuban cigars.

Davidoff products today edit

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