By Rebecca Diaz

Finding the best e cigarette brand just got easier. In today’s 2014 landscape, there are many brands of electronic cigarettes coming to market and I’m here to walk you through the dirty details so you can find yourself the right brand and not waste any time or money on something that won’t suit your tastes.

My brand of choice is V2Cigs. Click the banner here to get the latest promotions.

Why Do I Love V2 Cigs?

First is their flavor, particularly their red flavor, which is their most popular flavor. For anyone looking for a nice tobacco flavor, like a Marlboro, try out the V2 Red!

They have tons of other flavors to choose as well, I recommend trying a couple out.

If you want the easiest way to test these guys out, go for the V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit. This kit exemplifies the basis of what I love about V2 with all their customization options and TOP NOTCH quality.

You can select the types of batteries (manual or automatic), as well as 5 different flavors, so you can test them out to the max.

These guys go all the way when it comes to product quality, with endless testing of everything, to ensure they meet and exceed the highest standards.

But if you’re just starting out, it’s their flavor, as well as great vapor production and throat hit (that feeling in the back of your throat), that makes these guys really stand out. As with tobacco cigarettes, it really comes down to flavor.

And Their Prices

Not only do they offer an exceptional product line, the prices are very competitive. Their cartridges are $10 for 5 which is hard to beat. On top of that, we have some nice V2 coupon codes to save you additional money on your purchase.

Buying Direct

One more thing that I love about a brand like V2 is that you are buying direct from the official website&#8230 no middle man.

You can buy from their official site

This video from the company shows some of their attention to such high quality standards

Since 2009 Green Smoke has been named a top electronic cigarette brand by everyone who has had the luxury of trying their products.

Recently there’s been a surge of new vapor cigarette smokers. Many people have asked me about what other brands I like that make products resembling cigarettes, and I have no problem recommending them to Green Smoke. It’s really a tight race at the top of the food chain for e cigs, and while my preference is V2, I know MANY people who swear by Green Smoke. I used to use them, and have had a lot of experience with them, I guess it’s personal preference.

Literally, MILLIONS of people have used Green Smoke since 2008, and that should say something. They have a massive market share and are one of two brands to be picked up by Big Tobacco companies. (The other is Blu Cigs.)

You heard me right Green Smoke is a part of Altria the same company who makes Phillip Morris products like Marlboro.

In a time when many start ups are forming e cigarette brands, who do you really want to go to for your vapor cigarette products? A “new guy,” or an established, credible, and long running brand that was so impressive it was picked up by Big Tobacco?

Here’s a link to the Green Smoke review.

Looking For The Best Advanced Vaporizers Money Can Buy?

Meet VaporZone

These guys saw a need in the market and over delivered. If you are looking for an incredible selection of eGo type batteries, tanks, and an amazing line of e cig liquids to go with it, you will love VaporZone.

Pictured here is the Pulse kit >

They have a number of APV kits like this to choose from, anywhere from the most basic, to advanced products that look like they come from outer space.

Read more about VaporZone here.


Use the quick guide to easily evaluate the top companies on the e cig market. I work with some technology wizards, and am a highly experienced blogger, so putting everything in an easy to follow format is priority #1.

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Happy 2014, and drop a line should you have any questions or comments.

Tobacco manufacturer and brand compliance

Men indicted for 2.3m packs of fake marlboros – abc news

It is unlawful for any person to affix a tax stamp to a package or other container of cigarettes (or RYO tobacco) of a tobacco product manufacturer or brand family that is not included in the lists below, or to sell, offer to sell, or possess with intent to sell, in this state, cigarettes (or RYO tobacco) of a tobacco product manufacturer or brand family not included in the lists below.

Beginning January 1, 2010, it is also unlawful to offer for sale in the State of Georgia any cigarette that is not compliant with the Georgia Fire Safety Standard and Firefighter Protection Act unless the cigarettes were in inventory and taxes paid prior to January 1, 2010.

Tobacco Compliant Participating Manufacturers

Tobacco Compliant Non Participating Manufacturers

Tobacco Compliant List by Brand Name

Information for Tobacco Product Manufacturers

NPM s Request for Sales Information
Non Participating Manufacturers should use this form to request information on the number of cigarettes and ounces of RYO reported sold in Georgia during the previous quarter or year.

Notice to All Tobacco Product Manufacturers
This document explains what forms should be submitted to the Attorney General by each Tobacco Product Manufacturer selling or desiring to sell cigarettes or roll your own tobacco in Georgia.

NPM Appointment of Registered Agent Form (Form AG 02)
All Non Participating Manufacturers (“NPM”) must either register with the Secretary of State to do business in the State of Georgia or appoint and continually engage the services in Georgia of a Georgia registered agent to receive service of process. Use this form to file proof of the appointment and continuing availability of a Georgia registered agent.

2014 Quarterly Escrow Certificate Form (form AG 04, rev. 03/14)
Use this form to certify quarterly escrow payments. Quarterly payments are due 30 days after the end of the quarter in which the sale is made. This form is due not later than 10 days after the date the quarterly escrow deposit is due. Submit to the Attorney General along with proof of payment from your financial institution.

2013 Tobacco Product Manufacturer Certification and Request for Listing in the Georgia Directory of Compliant Tobacco Product Manufacturers in 2014
O.C.G.A. 10 13A 1, et seq. requires all Tobacco Product Manufacturers whose brands are sold in Georgia to file this Certification form indicating that they are compliant with Georgia law and to list their brand families. Additionally, submission of this form fulfills the certification requirements of Non Participating Manufacturers as set out in O.C.G.A. 10 13 1, et seq. which requires these companies to establish and fund a qualified escrow account for tobacco sales made in Georgia. Use this form to certify for tobacco sales made in the calendar year 2013 and/or to request to be listed in Georgia’s Directory of Compliant Tobacco Product Manufacturers in 2014. It is due to be filed with the Attorney General and the Department of Revenue by April 15, 2014. Also us the form to supplement any information previously provided.

1999 2013 Tobacco Product Manufacturer Certification Forms

Information for Wholesalers/Distributors

NOTICE to ALL Georgia Licenced Tobacco Wholesale Distributors Regarding Updated AG 01 Form (Wholesaler s Monthly Report of Nonparticipating and Participating Manufacturers Cigarettes)

REVISED!!! Wholesaler’s Monthly Report of Non Participating and Participating Manufacturer Cigarettes (Form AG 01, rev. 2/13)
All Georgia licensed wholesalers are required to file this report by the 10th of each month.

Registration for Electronic Mail Notification of Changes in Tobacco Compliant List (Form AG 05)
O.C.G.A. 10 13A 5(e) requires that every distributor shall provide and update as necessary an e mail address to the Attorney General for purposes of receiving notifications. Use this form to submit and update your e mail address whether you are a distributor or other interested party. Submission of your e mail address is necessary to ensure continued receipt of notifications, even if you have previously been receiving notices.


Georgia Tobacco Escrow and Certification Laws

REVISED!!! Georgia Rules Governing Yearly and Quarterly Escrow Payments From Non Participating Tobacco Product Manufacturers