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Invisible man in fort pierce prefers his stolen cigarettes mentholated – wptv.com

Cigarette phase-out considered as trial tests if vapour safer

A man in Fort Pierce said he used his “powers of invisibility” to abscond with a carton of menthol cigarettes, but his conscience appears to have gotten the best of him.

Fort Pierce police encountered the apparent cigarette stealing invisible man around 8 a.m. June 19 at a Walgreens in the 2400 block of Orange Avenue, according to a recently released police report.

A Walgreens cashier told investigators a man approached her and said he’d swiped a carton of cigarettes in the past. The man asked her not to call police. He apologized and left his phone number and debit card before walking in the aisles. She called 911.

The man told police he couldn’t sleep the night before and decided to go to Walgreens when it opened. He said that four to five months earlier he was there while using “street drugs.”

“According to (the man), the drugs gave him the ability to become invisible,” the report states. “(The man) used his powers of invisibility to pass through the counter and take a carton of Kool brand menthol cigarettes undetected.”

The man said he wanted to pay for the smokes, which were valued at about $60, but had just $8 on his debit card.

Police couldn’t get video surveillance of the theft at the time and the man had none of the Kools left, so the crime couldn’t be proven.

A store manager said she’d try to find archival surveillance footage of the theft.

Still, if the man who pilfered the Kools was invisible during the theft, it could be difficult to spot him on the surveillance video.

The man was issued a trespass warning and was escorted off the property.