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Scott Pressman’s obsession with the pursuit of ‘success’ has driven him away from what he once valued most the people in his life. Finally, he forces himself to take a look at the past & … See full summary

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Obama: pot ‘not very different’ from cigarettes?, no more dangerous than booze : news

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As a retired Deputy, and it&#39 s just my opinion. I feel legalizing pot would not make a big impact on drug use as the Feds exaggerate on. Yes as a teen I use to smoke pot and also drank heavy alcohol. I can say the alcohol had a more dangerous effect on me as I was not as in control of my self as if I was just stoned. I knew the difference.

Also while in patrol 99.9% of our problems with people under the influence was from alcohol, meth, PCP, and heroin. People under the influence of those drugs were definitely not in control of themselves and were a danger to themselves and others. With over 200 DUI arrests I had under my belt, only one had trace pot in his system. All the fights we had with people under the influence of drugs were from everything but pot. I had a zero tolerance for people under the influence of the hard drugs and alcohol, mainly because they were belligerent and would not listen to reason. I was pretty lenient with pot smokers, unless it was for large amounts for sales. Mainly because people who we caught with a little weed, were respectful, caused no problems and we just had them drop their stash on the ground. It was not worth my time to ticket some small misdemeanor, that I knew they were just going to do it again. Also a waist of court time. I wanted the bigger hook.

Times are changing and the old farts trying to keep us back in time just don&#39 t get it. They do not have the right to make decisions on what someone can or can not do to themselves. People have to make their own choice. If it causes harm to someone else, then let the law step in.

As for the medicinal side of it, I do believe pot have more benefits than the medical field even knows. It has been used for thousands of years for health benefits. Think about it, Chinese acupuncture medicine is OK&#39 d by the Government as an legitimist alternative health benefit to western medicine, and they use all kinds of combination herbs as remedies. So why would pot be different.

The advocates fighting for the legalization of pot for medicinal uses are fighting the wrong way. They just want it classed as a medical drug. Why not try to get it classified as an alterative medication like the Chinese way. Change the classification. Make the DEA and Big Drug companies try to prove them wrong. Force the DEA to really tell the truth why they wont change the class of drugs. (All politics).

The stated that have legalized the pot are taking great steps forward in fixing this problem with the fight against the Feds. They are doing the right way by making sure all their ducks are in a row. Laws are in place for the offenders just like the ones for alcohol. Let the system work itself out.

This is the 21st century not the 19th century. Change is here, stop fighting and dragging this on.


  1. Retired Deputy feels legalizing pot would not be a problem.

  2. Experience with people under the influence of all kinds of drugs and pot was the least of worries and problems. More fights with people under the influence of all other drugs but pot.

  3. Times are changing, the small group of people can&#39 t make decisions for the masses.

  4. Medical benefits have been used and documented for thousands of years, no different than alternative medical practices like Chinese medicine.

  5. Advocates need to rephrase their wording to change the classification of the use of pot, hopefully so the courts can&#39 t go against their justifications.

  6. The states that are taking the leap are going to prove the Feds and the advocates against legalizing pot were wrong and a waist of tax dollars fighting it.

  7. Change is here, nothing you can do about it, let it go. Thank you for listening.