By the FAMILY SMOKING PREVENTION AND TOBACCO CONTROL ACT, the FDA has the job of “regulating” “tobacco.” Quotes are needed, as neither term adequately tells the story. That is, the FDA isn’t regulating the cigarette industry it’s protecting it. Except for plain natural tobacco, the cigarettes it “regulates” are usually no more tobacco than drainage from Fukishima is just “water.”

According to the U.S. GAO, tobacco is the sixth most pesticide intensive crop, but you wouldn’t know that from this Act. The word “pesticide” shows up just four times three times if you count one double reference as one. Those citations are copied below. Nothing is said about banning or warning about the residues of those pesticides or how they interact with the few cigarette ingredients (some flavorings) that the FDA will address. Added aromas, preservatives, humectants, adhesives, burn accelerants, addiction enhancement substances, etc., are not discussed. The FDA will also ignore menthol, which numbs one to irritants so that one can painlessly smoke industrial irritants.

The word “chlorine,” relating to any number of tobacco pesticides and to chlorine bleached cigarette paper, is not mentioned even once, even though chlorine is the source of dioxins in smoke from typical contaminated products. This is remarkable since symptoms of dioxin exposure are identical to many, perhaps most, ailments said to be “smoking related” (i.e., related to victim’s behavior). The well known (except to the FDA) immune suppressing effect of dioxins, of course, applies to every “smoking related” illness.

Needless to say, the word “dioxin” isn’t here either, despite the fact that inhalation of dioxin, like through smoke of chlorine contaminated cigarettes, is the worst possible exposure route because of the high efficiency of the lungs to bring dioxins into the blood stream and to fatty tissues where it remains, accumulates, and kills.

“NB” comments and some highlighting accompany the excerpts below.


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