benson&hedges_special_filterThe major intention of these cigarettes is to give smokers the best smoke they ever could enjoy and admire. People tend to purchase the cigarettes, which are truly pleasant to them. The incredibly appealing smell, marvellous aroma and the unforgotten smoking experience of everyone, trying these cigarettes are true reasons, why people want to purchase them.

In the 20th age, Benson & Hedges created a filial in the United States. This was its headquarters since 1928 that was acquired by Philip Morris since 1958. Benson & Hedges repeated the same what Benson and Hedges Ltd did: three years earlier, it was acquired by Gallaher Group. Benson & Hedges brand obtained a British royal guarantee since 1878, and from that time, they manufactured the true royal cigarettes. No competitor can stand a concurence with them. Its distinctive smell and aroma turn a great number of smokers worldwide to them directly. Frequently, people want to know how to select the best of marketed cigarettes. It were great to consider some data, which must primarily be well-known to each smokers as the newest researches state.

The smell is the major factor to enjoy smoking. In this case one group of smokers prefer to use menthol cigarettes, others even do not want to start with them. For this reason, it would be great to thoroughly consider what a smoker wants to get from the smell.

The Benson & Hedges cigarettes are so priced that they are affordable to everyone, it differs them from many of other marketed cigarettes. As the final researches state, clients are really attracted by the price, which is moderate, satisfactory and paid for the true-value product.

These cigarettes are so packaged that they must make an impact on the clients. This is a reasonable approach developed and accepted by the manufacturer. Benson & Hedges cigarettes display such approach as they symbolize the high-value products, which reflected their peculiarity with the help of specific and useful packaging. These cigarettes are manufactured in Gold or Silver shapes. In some countries, their views are Red, Green (Menthol), Blue, White and Black. Japan Tobacco  produces Hamlet cigars as well.

Since October 2012, a “Dual” (dual-smell) cigarette was launched into the market. It was equipped with a menthol capsule inserted into the filter. If this capsule is outbroken, the cigarette taste shall be changed. Instead of being plain, the tobacco smell will be menthylated.