By reading ‘s e cigarette reviews, you can save yourself the hassle of trying multiple brands and hopefully get the brand that fits your personality and budget from the get go. Our e cigarette guide, Darren, does his best to dissect every brand on the market by sharing his first hand experiences.

It seems everyone is moving t0 e cigs, mostly because of the terrible health risks associated with smoking.

Now you are ready to get yourself your first electronic cigarette but as soon as you hit the internet or your local shop, you are presented with hundreds of different products and flavors. What do you pick? What is the best for you? Hopefully, all these questions will be answered in our comprehensive e cig buyers guide.

The right manufacturer

The Bull Smoke brand is one of the more popular e cigarette brands. Their tagline is “More Vapor. No Bull.”

The increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes amongst American citizens has caused several companies to come into the electronic cigarette business, each offering a unique version of the basic electronic cigarette and a variety of flavors to pick from. The first thing you must decide is a brand. Each and every brand has a unique product and flavors to go with. So the only way you can come to a conclusion is to actually have enough knowledge about the manufacturer. This is where electronic cigarette reviews will thoroughly help you out. Read the reviews see what people are saying about each brand. This is a very important step that you must take in order to learn about a brand and its benefits. You should easily be able to relate to hundreds of people on the internet who share the same passion of getting the best electronic cigarette as you.

Compare starter kits

Nearly every manufacturer lets users pick a starter kit when they want to try the brand out. You must compare all the starter kits from shortlisted brands in order to obtain the best value possible. In my opinion, always go for a starter kit that offers you the basic stuff you need to get started. Most starter kits will include extras like a carrying case or other fancy accessories. Try and ignore these for your first kit. You simply need to get a kit that allows you to have a battery, a cartomizer, a flavor and a charger to charge the battery. Anything other than these is an extra that should be avoided before you become a permanent customer of a brand.

Look for the right flavors

Okay so this is the trickiest part. There are several manufacturers and each offer at least five different flavors to choose from. While some of these flavors are similar in nature, most are brand exclusives. So if you are the adventurous type, don t hesitate to pick a brand that offers unique flavors. But if you just want to stick to the traditional tobacco flavor, you can go with any brand. But keep in mind that there are even brands that offer different tobacco flavors. The general aim is to get a tobacco flavor that best compliments your paper cigarette flavor.

Choose the right battery

If you are a starter, you should simply go for an automatic battery. This battery was designed with convenience in mind. The automatic battery does not require you to push a button to turn the cigarette on, instead, as soon as you puff on a cigarette, vapor is produced and you can inhale it. If you are one of those curious people who can t go on without discovering new things, feel free to add in a manual battery in your starter kit. Most manufacturers will give you two batteries to start with, so don t hesitate to add in a manual and automatic battery into your list.

Select the right nicotine strength

Generally, there are four different nicotine strengths available. You must determine the strength of the nicotine based on your paper cigarette needs. If you find that you are a heavy smoker, you should pick the highest nicotine strength available from a manufacturer. If you are in only because you want to permanently get away from smoking cigarettes or vaping electronic cigarettes, then start by taking low nicotine and move to zero nicotine.

A few of the more popular brands out there on the market are the V2 Cigs brand and the unforgettable Bull Smoke. If you are brand new to e cigarette smoking, those are the brands you should check out before all others.

2013’s top rated electronic cigarettes exposed!

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Cigarette smoking is an addicting habit that is bad to one’s health. Addicting as it is, it is hard to withdraw and quit once you think and feel something is wrong with you. This is an experience that many people have undergone with their use of TAKE NOTE REGULAR TOBACCO CIGARETTES.

What if we can alter all these bad things and turn them into good by looking for alternatives that will help you overcome withdrawal symptoms without sacrificing the convenience you have experienced with a puff of cigarette. Is that possible? You may ask. Yes, of course. We now have electronic cigarettes to trust with this. It is less addicting (at times, not addicting at all) plus it has all the other benefits which have been questioned with cigarette smoke.

Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes, as mentioned awhile back is either less addicting or non addicting at all when compared to tobacco smoking. Add to that, you can use it in public without even worrying about passing on secondhand smoke to others. Isn’t that just amazing? You even get to choose different flavors that will add a wonderful scent to the hated tobacco’s smell.

The Price of Electronic Cigarettes

For first timers, investing in electronic cigarettes will not be that easy. This is because of the high price tag you expect from it. If you get a pack of regular tobacco cigarettes for only $3 or $5, that may double or even quadruple when you buy electronic cigarettes.

What’s the reason for that? It is because of the many parts found in electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have special cartridges and chargers that allow you to puff. While this is the case, you have the convenience of refilling your electronic cigarettes whenever needed and this lessens your cost of investment eventually. When you have reached a month or so of using e cigarettes, you will be able to see the savings you get.

Choosing Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes come from many brand names. These brand names compete as to popularity in the market. On top of the popularity requirement though, you have to remember to pick one that is not just popular but is also safe and effective enough to work for you. This is top priority if you want to land the best choice among all the brands marketed out there.

Also, you have to consider the benefits and the price that come with your purchase. You have seen that electronic cigarettes are complex materials that may have to be expensive depending on what you get from the package. This means that even if the product is expensive as long as you get the benefits, it is indeed a good purchase. Or course, it is still recommended to consider packages that may make you save on your purchase of these electronic cigarettes.

To help you with your purchase of electronic cigarettes, we recommend you read the brief introduction to three of the best e cig brands in the market. Use this as your way to gauge the product you will buy.

#1 V2 Cigs

The electronic cigarette of the new generation, this is what V2 cigs is all about. What makes this product a very convenient choice for those of you who want to quit tobacco smoking is that you get to enjoy a good flavor with each puff plus of course, it looks like the regular cigarette you are used to puffing on.

Additionally, V2 Cigs has many facets to love. You can always look into the fact that it lessens your nicotine yearnings without any withdrawal symptoms to suffer from. Also, they give an excellent taste and vapor that creates a cooler more comfortable sensation to your senses. They also are packed with quality batteries that make your cartridges last longer.

For those of you who are interested to get the V2 Cigs pleasure, you can order an economy kit or starter kit that costs $65. From here, you may also consider the standard kit or the ultimate kit. Travelers also have their choice in V2 Cigs which sells for only $29.95.

#2 Bull Smoke

You may also consider your search for electronic cigarette good enough as you glance at Bull Smoke and read product information about it. This brand carries with it your choices for flavor which may come with the kit you are going to purchase. You can have anything that suits your taste, literally, so to speak. Bull Smoke will fulfill all that.

Innovative designs this is an edge that Bull Smoke may have when compared to its close counterparts or competition in the market. This can suit whatever mood you are in. The colored cartridges add a wow factor to your purchase of this e cigs brand. Even women may be fascinated to give this a try. Add to that the convenience of only two components to assemble and voila! You are ready to puff. A lifetime warranty is also a plus for your purchase.

Get Bull Smoke now and pay only $74.95. This is quite more expensive than V2 Cigs’ offering thus making it lag behind the said product.

#3 Green Smoke

Green Smoke lives up to its name it’s a green smoking alternative. It is greener simply because it does not pollute air as what is expected of most electronic cigarette brands in the market these days. FlavorMax Cartomizers add up to the reality that Green Smoke is also a good purchase. This provides the taste of the regular tobacco cigarettes that you may have been used to but it is less the nicotine dangers.

Get Green Smoke in different kits starting from the USB version which sells for only $69.99. The starter kit though pays for $129.99 which makes it definitely more expensive than V2 Cigs and Bull Smoke. For those of you who have partners in smoking, the Love Bird’s Kit is a good catch. This sells at a price of $239.99. A Social Kit is also available selling for $99.99.