From its inception to the present day, this brand has been positioned as a lifestyle brand for successful people. The history of the Parliament brand has had many pinnacles. The most important of these are as follows – 1931 – Brand Founded In the early 1930s, Philip Morris decided to produce cigarettes with a fine filter to reduce the amount of harmful substances entering the lungs of smokers. The filter for these cigarettes was a proprietary charcoal filter made of cotton. Later, this filter was replaced by a thick paper filter that was half hollow, like the mouthpiece of a cigarette. This helped cool the tobacco smoke and soften the flavor.

In the 1950s, Parliament cigarettes became one of the most popular cigarettes in the United States. At the time, limited edition cigarettes were available in the U.S., with cartons featuring pictures of movie diva Marilyn Monroe and movie hero James Bond. This promotional move drew even more attention to the brand.

In the 1970s, Parliament began to be imported into Europe. It is worth noting that it was the first American cigarette to enter the European market.

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What are Parliament cigarettes?

Parliament cigarettes are Philip Morris’ premium tobacco brand. Parliament cigarettes are more than just a tobacco product. They immerse you in the essence of tobacco and their subtle flavors will fill you with serenity. Today, Parliament is available in classic and slim sizes. The manufacturing process uses the finest tobaccos to preserve the original flavor. The aroma of this tobacco can be smelled from a distance. Its soft, rich aroma and pleasant aftertaste have made it a favorite of gourmets around the world. Over the years, the Parliament brand has naturally become one of the most famous tobacco empires in the world. If in the past Parliament cigarettes were a privilege for a select few, today they are available to everyone.