rothmans-blue-affRothmans is a premium brand, which appeared on the shelves of stores in London in 1890. Although the brand of the same name exists in the market for over 100 years, it still has great number of fans in the entire world. Nowadays, Rothmans cigarettes are distributed in seventy countries around the world, and this list expands year by year. This trademark is owned by the British American Tabacco transnational corporations.

These cigarettes’ feature is the original taste of tobacco blend, unlike any classic American or British mixtures. The secret is that the manufacturer utilizes only high-value tobacco sorts of excellent quality. It is a pure tobacco flavor, which does not contain any strange and scarcely known smells, flavors and tastes. Instead, this tobacco offers a deep saturated scent with a dense smoke output; this is what distinguishes the Rothmans brand.

The cigarettes of the Rothmans brand successfully combine the taste and performance of premium tobacco products, while their price is comparable to conventional cigarettes, which are intended for the middle class. The packaging design looks impressive: it includes the luxurious materials, elegant logo, deep palette of colors, sharp corners – all this gives the pack an expensive look, transforming it into a stylish accessory.

Today, when 120 years passed after the launch of these cigarettes into the market, Rothmans Cigarettes are experiencing a rebirth. The manufacturer has revised the bag, making the tobacco taste more refined, sophisticated and memorable, which is inherent to the British and perfectly characterizes their traditions in the tobacco industry. These cigarettes received a special filter mouthpiece, which does not only make the product taste more expressive, but also significantly cools the smoke.

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