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Why is european commission misinterpreting scientific research on nicotine in e-cigarettes?


After reading Dr, Farsalinos letter sent to the Health Commissioner quoting specifics on his research, one has to wonder how the interpretation of his research could be completely wrong. Dr. Farsalinos states “I have clearly shown that 23% of smokers had to use higher than 20mg/ml nicotine containing liquids in order to completely substitute smoking”. He goes on to say that the Commission has no scientific justification for its proposed 20mg/ml nicotine limit.

My current observation

We certainly understand that every individual is different when it comes to the nicotine level they are willing to use or settled in with once they have started vaping e liquid after making the decision to abandon the tobacco cigarette. We have never seen so many individuals make the decision to abandon cigarettes with such committment. Most all have the same have tried everything in there power to quit with little success. On the other hand, you get those that just make the decision one day and they never pick up another cigarette. We have observed that once and individual finds the e liquid flavor that completely resinates with them along with getting the nicotine level that gives them their fix so to speak, they very seldom will go back to the tabacco cigarette. Matter of fact they will go to great lengths not to buy cigarettes again. We find this when they are running out of e liquid or in need of a repair to thier device. The comment is “I did not want to break down and go buy that pack of cigarettes”. These are the indivuals that really understand smoking cigarettes is detrimental to their health and well being. These individuals seem to have an acute sense of awareness over other individuals that are less adaptive to change and trying something different. The difference is they have made a decision to take action and they really want to get away from cigarettes. These people would be considered the Innovators or Early Odoptors depending on where they are in the overall cycle. It is also interesting to observe many indivuals would rather attempt to vape more on the lower end of the nicotine level if they can possibly do that without reverting back to smoking. For example, when trying an 18mg and a 12mg many lean towards trying to get by with less nicotine because when they make the switch to using a vaping device they have it in their mind that they really want to quit. The nicotine level has to be up to the individual and they need to experience the absorbtion of that paticular level in making the decision of being adequate for their paticular need. it is interesting that many people are working their way down to lower levels of nicotine and even to 0mg because their overall goal is to completely quit.