The relationship between smokers and cigarettes has some intimacy. Smokers want to use cigarettes because they consider them as old and close friends they live with. These are true friends and supporters in any critical situation and under severe conditions. Cigarettes are intimate because smokers always light them when they are anxious and sorry for anything.
Being anxious with any difficulty at work, a smoker comes out, puts a cigarette between the lips and lights it up. This is a kind of interaction and secret request for support.

Smokers know that they will be soothed and calm within minutes after they inhale. As if a true friend addresses nice word of encouraging and support. New ideas are then suddenly coming. Being encouraged, a smoker returns to a work place and manages to resolve troubles, which seemed to be so difficult some time ago.

Cigarettes let smokers relax as well. Coming home after a long working day, smokers light cigarettes and feel the delight of sitting calmly and being relaxed and closed up from any troubles.

They sleep down, feeling a pleasure of not being exposed to all kinds of external threats.

Would they ever remember any warnings of smoking dangers if the tobacco consumption covers them up alike a protecting shield, which is seemingly invulnerable to any external threat.

Yes, cigarettes and smokers are real friends.

Smokers do not react at warnings that cigarettes are mortal for them because they cannot live without cigarettes. They are feared by medical warnings that cigarettes can cause various diseases, but they are more afraid of being exposed to all negative sides of our reality without cigarettes, which protect them against such negative effects.

Imagine that you have a true friend, helping you overcome any obstacle and stand any critical situation under any, even very difficult circumstances.

Will it be easy to leave this friend?

Smoking risks are high, but cigarettes are reliable friends who cannot be quitted simply.

Moreover, tobacco users know the risks that they will be exposed to after they quit smoking.

For instance, women who regularly take care og their figures, will scarcely decide to quit smoking because they face the risk of obesity. Yes, smoking is a preventive measure against obesity as it suppresses appetite. After quitting, appetites can suddenly grow; ex-smokers start eating much more than before and gain weight.
So, they will not easily decide to lose their true friends.

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