L&M cigarettes were first released in 1953 in America, produced by way of the Liggett and Myers business enterprise. L&M cigarettes were given their name thanks to the 2 founders Edmund Liggett and Smith Myers, the first letters of their names started to reveal at the packs. In 1999, l & m became part of Philip Morris corporations Inc. Now L&M cigarettes are produced via Philip Morris.

In standard, L&M cigarettes are represented via 3 lines, which are targeted toward three major groups of smokers with different.

The features of L&M cigarettes. L&M cigarettes are taken into consideration as a revolutionary line that is the primary to introduce innovative solutions rising in the tobacco enterprise. In doing so, L&M cigarettes improve merchandise on several fronts simultaneously: flavor, filter first-class and personal enjoyment.

The packs of L&M cigarettes have a special cut on the lid, which together with clean open era lets in you to open the % with one hand. L&M loft % has a unique aroma panel, which gives the possibility to refresh the palms and take away the cigarette scent after smoking. L&M cigarettes became the primary cigarette brand in the UK, which raised the problem of sustainable development and environmental pollution. This brand actively works on programs of recycling and disposal of cigarette butts.

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What are L&M cigarettes?

L&M cigarettes are in particular provided in distinctive variations: the stronger red edition with values ​​of zero.8mg nicotine and 10mg every of tar and carbon monoxide, and the slightly milder blue version with values ​​of 0.5mg nicotine, 6mg tar and 7mg carbon monoxide. You may see just through searching at those values ​​that the differences among the two versions are sizeable – and you can taste it and notice it. Here it’s miles essential to decide at the favored diploma of strength . The 2 additive-unfastened editions with the equal shades are especially new available on the market: the purple L&M cigarettes without additives and the no-additive blue L&M cigarettes.