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Our Customers Say you guys are great thank you! i got the delivery.. nice doing business with you for the last 4 years. CHRISTIAN, USA, 24/01/14
Yes, we got all the smokes! Thank you so much for selling really enjoy them and will order again soon. Christine, USA, 22/01/14
was pleased, the order arrived on time in good shape, new order to follow soon, thank you Edward, USA, 18/01/14
I am very impressed with your service, thank you very much! I picked them up today and will be placing another order soon. Brian, USA, 17/01/14
The delivery took about three weeks. No problems with the shipment. Thanks. Robert, USA, 14/01/14
My friend usually orders from this website and she told me that the cigarettes are very good. I placed my first order recently. Received my cigarettes. Very happy with them. Will be ordering again soon. Daniel, USA, 10/01/14
Cigarettes were delivered on time without any problems. Thank you, guys. Karen, USA, 20/12/13
Just a brief “thank you” for assisting me. My missing parcel arrived today and I’m once again a happy customer. I will resume regular purchases through effective immediately. Thus far, you remain (not to mention maintain) the absolute best online retailer of your kind I can find. Take good care for now . . . Peter, USA, 02/28/12
Three cartons of Marlboro’s arrived in good shape yesterday! All is well. That is the full shipment. Thanks for keeping in touch. Very Excellent Customer Service!
Blessings, Joy, USA, 02/13/12
Well, even with the increase, it’s still leaps and bounds better than buying here. First and foremost is the much better quality of the tobacco there. If you’re not a smoker, you wouldn’t really understand what I’m talking about. I don’t encourage anyone to smoke, but a smoker can really tell the difference in the better quality of the European tobacco. It could be much better here, but unfortunately, all these manufacturers care about is MONEY!!!
Have a nice day! Jim, USA, 08/25/10
Good Day! This Is Paul!! I Just Want To Say A BIG THANK YOU For Your Wonderful Support!! It Is Nice To See That At Least You Stand Behind The Products That You Sell!! You Have The Best Customer Support I Have ever Seen and Dealt With!! Thank You So Much I Greatly Appreciate It BYE Have a GREAT Day BYE Paul, USA, 06/17/10
Hello everybody,
Just wanted to say thanks for your great service, I have been receiving my orders in about 2 1/2 weeks every time, and I am very happy with that. I have told a few friends about it, I know one of my friends ordered, don’t know about the others, but I have been telling everybody who I know is a smoker. I hope everybody is doing good where you are, here in Kentucky it is pretty cold for this time of year.
Merry christmas to you, Gisela, USA, 12/20/09
I just want to tell you that I appreciate your professional service and integrity and of course your great price. I am a customer for a year already and you have always stood by your commitments in case of a package not arriving. Eliezer, USA, 11/09/09

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