In the composition of these Henri Wintermans cigarettes, Cuban tobacco, with its mild taste, is intertwined with the bright aroma of Indonesian tobacco from the island of Java and the sweetish astringency of a dark Brazilian wrapper.

The brand began as a family business of two Wintermans brothers – A. Wintermans & Sons – which, however, very quickly gained popularity at home in the Netherlands. By 1934, the older brother, Henry Wintermans, had left the family business to start his own business and focus on the production of Henri Wintermans cigarettes with sales outside his native country. The venture was a success, and Henri Wintermans cigarettes quickly became the most popular items. By the end of World War II, Henry’s son, Henri Wintermans, took over the family business. It was during his leadership of the company that the famous and popular to this day Cafe Creme cigarillos were created. Fun fact: the Cafe Creme brand was originally created for the French market, but five years later these cigarillos became the most popular in the whole world.

In 1966, Henri concluded a key deal, the company was sold to BAT for just two million pounds, and Henri himself became head of the European division of British American Tobacco. Already in 1967, the production of Henri Wintermans cigarettes exceeded half a billion. By 1977 Henri Wintermans was the leading exporter of Henri Wintermans cigarettes, in 1978 the most popular imported cigarillo brand in England. In 1990, more than six hundred million Henri Wintermans cigarettes were sold.

For the entire brand’s success, BAT did sell Henri Wintermans to Scandinavian Tobacco for fifty-five million pounds. It is STG that now produces all Henri Wintermans cigarillos, and the sale did not affect the success of the brand, the brand is confidently included in the TOP 5 best-selling brands of Scandinavian Tobacco Group. Henri Wintermans cigarettes are real items, if we start from the concept of “small cigar”. The Panatella format is exactly the format of long and thin Henri Wintermans cigarettes, which are similar in size to Lonsdale.