When you buy cheap cigarettes online, these are great tobacco mixtures, filling the best-quality items.
These mixtures are then transported to the production machines via pipes. From a roll of paper, the cigarette paper, runs a strip up to 7,000 meters long, which surrounds the tobacco mixture. This long tobacco rod is cut into short pieces with the help of cutting machines. Now both ends of the strand are provided with a filter and wrapped with brown paper. The cigarette filter known to us smokers has now been attached to the cigarette.

The tobacco sticks manufactured up to this point are then divided, usually into the usual 85 mm length, which is known in the industry as the king size format. Once this has been done, a quality control is carried out to ensure that the cigarette produced also meets the high standards of the European Commission.
So many efforts are needed to let you buy cheap cigarettes online.

In the last step, before anyone can buy cheap cigarettes online and smoke them, they are portioned and packaged. As a rule, the packaging machine is directly coupled to the production machine. Finally, ten boxes are wrapped in so-called bars and packed in an outer carton for shipping to retailers. Modern production machines use a special process to produce 20,000 pieces per minute. Such high production speeds enable you to buy cheap cigarettes online because cigarettes are manufactured in great quantities.
In larger plants, up to 200 million pieces are produced every day. A large part of this is exported to other countries. The main export countries for cigarettes “Made in Germany” are the other EU countries, to which around 83 billion pieces are delivered.

When the production of the filter cigarettes, which mostly consist of American Tobacco, is now complete, we as an online retailer can add them to our range and let you buy cheap cigarettes online.
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