Following on from a Commission decision, from 17 November 2011, all cigarettes will have to integrate “‘Reduced Ignition Propensity” (RIP), a system that extinguish a cigarette left unattended by itself . By introducing this measure, the EU intends to curb the fires that are caused by a lack of attention, as it has been observed in countries (Canada, Austrlia etc.) that already implemented such technique.

Further information about the RIP system are available in the Commission Press Release

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BMJ 2013 347 f6106 9 October 2013

Author Rory Watson

“The European parliament has strongly backed moves to make smoking less attractive to young people but has rejected the health commissioner s call to have electronic cigarettes classified as medicines.

The MEPs vote in Strasbourg on Tuesday 8 October came after months of lobbying by major tobacco manufacturers to try to water down and delay the European Union s attempts to strengthen the existing legislation on tobacco products&#8230 “

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