Despite the fact that there are some special cases in different parts of the world where the cigarettes Kent Gold and Kent Silver are promoted, the basic concept is that the first of these brands is considered to be particularly light cigarettes (1 mg nicotine) and the second ones are considered as light cigarettes (4 mg nicotine). If you buy cigarettes online, you have a special chance to check the stuff. These are the premium items that are offered as a contrasting option for commonly consumed cigarettes (Kent Blue, 8 mg). In some cases, smokers briefly distinguish these three elements: Kent 1, Kent 4 and Kent 8.

If you really need to take care of your health to a certain extent and reduce the effects of nicotine and tar on your body, you might prefer Kent Gold or Kent Silver, these cigarettes are right for you. These cigarettes are usually inexpensive (whether you buy cigarettes online Melbourne or not) and give their consumers certain benefits.

Kent Gold
The unimaginably lower nicotine level will better protect you from various diseases and even give you the chance to enjoy a quality cigarette.
It is not easy to inhale the smoke of Kent cigarettes. Their filters reduce the amount of inhaled vapors. Smokers feel much better after smoking just one cigarette, while negative effects will be much less significant!
Kent Silver
This is an exceptional blend of medium tar and incredible flavor. Kent Silver is known all over the world because it does not distinguish itself from other brands by anything other than its health security.
Their fabulous filter improves the taste while reducing the amount of smoke. Therefore, it is an extraordinary answer for people who buy cigarettes online for their essence. When smoking the Kent Silver cigarettes, their taste is obviously better than the taste of any other cigarette.