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What Is Funny Company Names And Slogans? Find Questions and Answers at Askives, the first startup that gives you an straight answer. Girl&#39 s anti chewing tobacco slogan wins contest Jump to full article Associated Press (AP), 2009 08 28 Intro . What is a catchy slogan for chewing tobacco? ChaCha Answer I&#39 m not sure if you want a slogan that is for or against chewing tobacco,. Chewing Gum Slogans. Chewing gum slogans can be used as part of their marketing campaign. Chewing gum slogans can bring back a memory and put a smile on your face. Slogans on anti smoking and anti tobacco chewing? Home Mail News Cricket Finance Weather Groups Answers Screen Flickr. chewing tobacco slogan. quit smoking slogans where is chewing tobacco us4d cigarettes online cheap uk health risks of smoking cigarettes new cigarette packaging. I&#39 m hoping to pick your brains for some slogans.. I just came across this slogan . “Some days it&#39 s just not worth chewing through the restraints” What are some slogans against chewing tobacco? ChaCha Answer Here is a slogan “Generally people chewing tobacco and tobacco products. Gum brands/flavors/slogans?. “Europe” Chewing Gum Ayul Trading Incorporated, Canada “Extra” (1984) Wrigley, USA “Five” (2007) Wrigley, USA. Usenet is an independent network of over 10,000 servers worldwide. For over 30 years, Usenet has been the most popular place for the exchange of information and files.