Salem is a brand of cigarettes presented in 1956 by the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company as the basic filter-tipped menthol cigarette brand. Its name originates from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the city where RJR was established and headquartered. Salem cigarettes are exceptional in that they are mixed with Asian Menthol instead of the conventional standard Menthol. It is possessed and promoted by ITG Brands LLC. (related to the Imperial Tobacco Company) inside the United States. What’s more, they are promoted by Japan Tobacco outside the United States.

The original American Salem cigarettes attract attention, owing to an unusual green-colored packaging that is a hint at the original menthol flavor of the product. Remaining strong enough, the tobacco stuff of these cigarettes at the same time demonstrates softness. This provides Salem cigarettes with a wonderful taste. Raw materials for the production of these cigarettes are grown in the traditional region of North Carolina.

Nowadays, you will not be surprised by cigarettes with a menthol flavor, but until 1956 the world did not know about a possible combination of tobacco and menthol. Pioneers and pioneers of niche menthol tobacco products were cigarettes Salem, which appeared all in the same 1956 year.

The brand was originally distributed only in the US, but the rapid growth of popularity of this cigarette brand made it recognizable all over the world – already in 1957 the brand was recognized as the best-selling cigarette item all over the world.

Huge queues, pre-orders, high-record sales volumes, dozens of imitators – all this is an integral part of the history of Salem, which radically changed the tobacco industry. After more than 50 years from the moment of its appearance on the market, the brand has been remaining popular and its demand has been growing. Its blue-green corporate color of the pack is well recognized all over the world.

Today Salem cigarettes are positioned as good-quality middle-price menthol cigarettes, targeted at both men and women. They can not be called light, but the concentration of nicotine and resins does not make them excessively heavy, due to what the tobacco growers recommend the brand, both for beginners and experienced smokers with many years of experience. Cigarettes have a pleasant menthol flavor, but the flavor notes give out a tobacco leaf native to North Carolina – fragrant, tart.