If you want to start smoking and buy cigarettes online first, you should start with brands that contain less nicotine. Maybe these will gradually seem too weak, so that you will switch to stronger cigarettes. But not only the strength is decisive, but above all the taste. So you will have to try it out for a while until you find and buy cigarettes online.

At the manufacturer Reemtsma, for example, the paper strip on a roll is 4-6 kilometers long, which is sufficient for a production time of about 15 minutes. While the roll is running, a tiny machine prints the respective trademark on the outside. At the same time, a glue trace is applied to the paper strip at the edge.

The preformed tobacco mixture is pushed onto the running paper tape. In the final format chamber, the tobacco is enclosed by the paper and the seam is overlapped and glued. Fully automatic sensors are used to randomly check whether, for example, the weight of a cigarette is right, whether it is filled enough and whether the tobacco has enough moisture. The packaging of cigarettes is also fully automatic. The enveloping protective film ultimately ensures that the cigarette remains fresh.

Cigarettes are offered in boxes or soft packs, with one box or soft pack containing at least 20 cigarettes. As a rule, the cigarettes are produced as filter cigarettes. This means that they basically consist of the following components: Tobacco (made from finely chopped tobacco leaves). Cigarette paper wrapping the tobacco. Cigarette filters. The cigarette filter makes the tobacco smoke a little milder in taste. For smokers who want to enjoy the full tobacco aroma, cigarettes without filters are produced in addition to the classic filter cigarettes.

Cigarettes are offered in the following formats: King Size length of 74-85 mm (= usual standard format), 100/Long = 100 mm, Extra length of 120 mm cigarette length, Subsizes with approx. 70 mm length