The choice of cigarettes is a responsible matter. Of course, there is nothing mystical in this choice, but the lack of the necessary experience often simply scares us. We really don’t want to choose the wrong thing, the wrong thing, and the wrong place. After all, how long smoking will be present in our lives depends on the first cigarette – whether we leave this idea, completely disappointed in cigarettes, or whether the aroma will be with us for a long time.

And time-tested brands come to our aid, they are predictable and with a good reputation. This is a well-known fact; each name of tobacco products is preceded by some kind of story. And it is always interesting to know it, because it affects the constituent features of the brand. It turned out that the King Edward cigarettes was named after the English King. Edward VII was very fond of smoking. His coronation took place in 1901.

Having got the throne, he uttered his legendary words, included in books about cigars – “Gentlemen, you can smoke!” The period before his reign was one of rigid rules and obligations. And first of all, he canceled all those ruthless restrictions, allowing everyone to smoke. Thus, a new era of freedom has begun.

King Edward means machine-rolled products with a plastic mouthpiece, packaged in paper based on tobacco leaf. And this small but significant detail creates a soft intensity and organic aroma.

What are King Edward cigarettes?

Swisher International sells the King Edward brand, and these tobacco products have not lost their relevance to this day. Some products contain homogenized tobacco leaf. There are also versions of this brand with certain flavors: chocolate, vanilla and cherry. One of the options is on the market with a mouthpiece. Thus, King Edward is a common machine-made cigarette, which has been known for many years from 100% natural tobaccos in the base of the product. And in this niche, it is seen as a nice little tobacco unit, the size of which is perfect for a backpack or a small handbag. The product is delicate in taste and affordable, perfect for a quick break.