If you regularly buy cigarettes and smoke, you are likely to be interested in interesting facts about cigarettes. Cigarettes do not simply to inhale and exhale; they mean a totally new world of sensations and novelties. Cigarettes have been so close to us for so many years that we can hardly imagine our life a bit different and lacking this excellent tobacco product.

1. In the early 20th century doctors advised to pregnant women to buy cigarettes and smoke in order not to gain weight.
2. In 1588, a resident of Virginia, Thomas Harriet, began to propagate the daily smoking of tobacco as a way to general improvement of the body and called up to buy cigarettes.

3. Tobacco bush originated from the American continent, it belongs to the same family as potatoes and peppers;
4. For 5 thousand 300 dollars left the Internet auction cigarette butt, smoked in the last seconds before the New Zealand came into force ban on smoking in public places;

5. In 1571 the Spanish doctor Nicholas Mondares wrote a book about medicinal plants of the New World. There he wrote that tobacco can heal 36 diseases, which meant the need to buy cigarettes;
6. In 1923, Camel brand controls about 45% of the US market. & Philip Morris starts promotion of Marlboro brand as female cigarettes under the motto “Mild as May”;
7. In 1939, American Tobacco Company presents its new Pall Mall brand, which takes this company to the first place among American tobacco companies;
8. Television advertising of tobacco products in the United Kingdom was banned in 1965;
9. After a long competition with Coca Cola, Marlboro trademark is recognized as the most expensive brand among everyday goods in the eighties and nineties. It is estimated at 30 billion dollars.

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