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I was here picking up some e cigarette things for somebody oversea at this Smokeys location. The location is convenience only if you are traveling south bound on 700 E, traffic can be quite annoying during rush hour here.

I am not really a smoker and was clueless about what I needed to pick up. The place smelled like a big smoke room, and they seem quite stocked on most products. The person at the desk was quite helpful and knowledge about these cigarette products. I was getting a large amount, they barely got what I needed, but she said I could call in ahead next time.

Price was not too expensive after I checked with people that smoke regularly. Overall, a solid specialty retail store with friendly services.

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    Horrible. Tried to buy pipe cleaners. Counterperson quoted 2.67 with tax. Charged me 3.17 on credit card. I complained. Counterperson said it was 50c for using the credit card. I said in that case I don&#39 t want the mdse, since that is not the price I was quoted. She refused to reverse the charge. Wanted to give me cash instead, but insisted I sign the credit card statement first. I refused without seeing the cash. She went ballistic and said she is calling the cops, started dialling the phone and screaming at me. She crumpled the receipts and kept them and the merchandise. I left. Credit card charge went through to my card. These people are plain nuts. Best to be avoided.