golden_gate_red_en_nbGolden Gate cigarettes are produced by Imperial Tobacco Company, which was founded in 1901 during the merging of 13 tobacco enterprises.

Some time later, the enterprise turned out to become a leading pioneer in tobacco business and won countless prizes and numerous faithful clients everywhere throughout the world. Numerous smokers prefer namely Golden Gate cigarettes for their properties and minimal costs.  Golden Gate cigarettes are an irreplaceable part of their routine during such a quick and sometimes long day full of emotions.

In order to manufacture Golden Gate cigarettes, there are utilized two best sorts of tobacco (Burley and Virginia tobaccos).

Golden Gate Red cigarettes contain the best tobacco mixture that will satisfy even the most ingrained smokers.

Golden Gate Red cigarettes have a taste, which can be a property of the unusual and exclusive cigarettes of this brand. These cigarettes are made in consistence with all controls and meet the most noteworthy measures, and they represent high level of segment and can be acquired at a moderate cost.

Golden Gate Blue cigarettes are listed among the few sorts of cigarettes, which are characterized by the extraordinary simplicity and reasonableness. These cigarettes contain a sublime tobacco blend that will satisfy even those smokers who think they know everything about tobacco.

Every cigarette of Golden Gate Blue contains 6 mg. of nicotine that fulfills your desire to have an intensive smoke with every puff. Consistent with its name Golden Gate Blue cigarettes were made impeccable to fill each second of your smoke break with meaningful smoking.

Brilliant Gate Blue cigarettes have an exceptionally mellow flavor and to a great degree a gentle flavor, keeping in mind that the end goal is to convey a lovely sentiment of fulfillment to smokers, which cannot be always reproduced by every manufacturer.

Golden Gate Blue Cigarettes are a perfect alternative for those who search for cigarette with mellow tobacco blend as a sign of happy life with their favorite smoking product.

We do not suggest each smoker to immediately find these cigarettes and discover why such a large number of fans grows and grows every day.

The deep search and understanding of these cigarettes will help you get original Golden Gate Blue Cigarettes and dive into new sensations and unknown taste nuances.

Just try and enjoy!