A pack of modern “slims” includes 5 Henri Wintermans cigarettes, while each of them is “dressed” in an individual package of thin film, as bright as the pack itself. Own “clothes” allows Henri Wintermans cigarettes to always remain fresh and retain the aroma to the fullest. Henri Wintermans cigarettes have always been machine-made, that is, they are “assembled” on an automatic line similar to cigarette production. But do not treat Henri Wintermans cigarettes with disdain, and in general, there are not so many handmade cigarettes in the world.

Henri Wintermans cigarettes do not require storing them in a humidor, which greatly reduces the cost and simplifies their consumption. Henri Wintermans cigarettes do not have a cigar “cap”, so a guillotine is not needed for them. Henri Wintermans cigarettes are ready for smoking directly from the pack and do not require any other accessories.

Despite the machine production, Henri Wintermans cigarettes have a completely cigar design. The cover sheet consists of a natural tobacco leaf, in the filling – cut tobacco, and only in the role of a binding sheet is a thin unbleached paper, similar in density to some varieties of paper for self-rolling.

The cover hides a lot of tobacco, mostly cut into large flakes, which provides quite a long smoking time. The mix is mostly dark, consisting of an abundance of dark yellow, brown and brown fragments. Initially, the recipe for these Henri Wintermans cigarettes included tobaccos from Cuba, Indonesia and Colombia, but now Henri Wintermans cigarettes are prepared mainly from tobaccos from Indonesia, Brazil and some Caribbean countries.

Henri Wintermans cigarettes are an excellent choice for lovers of natural tobacco and, it should be added, strong tobacco. The smoke strength of these cigarillos is not the same as that of Italian Tuscanella, but still noticeably higher than average. Henri Wintermans cigarettes burn in gray ash, smoking time is from 15 to 20 minutes of leisurely smoking. Henri Wintermans cigarettes will be good comrades for both a morning cup of coffee and an evening cup of bourbon.