The press often writes about IQOS cigarettes Australia for smokers, but rarely speaks openly and reasonably about whether they are more useful. Let’s study this question.

  1. It is better to smoke IQOS

Let’s start with what is most useful – use IQOS and find IQOS cigarettes Australia offers. IQOS cigarettes Australia tobacco heating systems are much better than usual cigarettes.

  1. Nicotine

IQOS cigarettes Australia sticks for tobacco heating systems contain the same amount of nicotine as regular cigarettes.

According to researchers at the Royal College of Physicians (one of the world’s most famous institutions for research into smoking, tobacco and nicotine-containing products), nicotine is not the leading cause of smoking-related diseases. According to their study, “Nicotine without smoking. Reducing the health damage from tobacco use “, nicotine is addictive and dangerous to health, but it can not be attributed to heavy drugs and carcinogens. The main factor of negative impact on health when smoking – combustion products contained in cigarette smoke.

  1. IQOS cigarettes Australia sticks are not a way to quit smoking

It is widely believed that you can quit smoking by switching from cigarettes to alternative gadgets for smokers. From the previous point it is clear: this opinion is wrong. In the process of using IQOS cigarettes Australia sticks, nicotine is absorbed in the same amount as when smoking. So get rid of the addiction this way will not work. On the other hand, according to many users of IQOS, when you switch to it, a psychological trigger is triggered – when you consciously aim for a healthier lifestyle, it is not far to completely quit smoking.

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