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The tobacco industry uses a large number of additives to increase the attractiveness of cigarettes. The PITOC (Public Information on Tobacco Control) project informs the public about the substances used and their impact on health. PITOC has been jointly developed by the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). On September 13, as part of this project, sixteen European countries will launch websites educating the public about the manifold effects of tobacco additives.

DKFZ press release, 13.09.12

Additives in Tobacco Products, EU Project PITOC

Eu regulation of e-cigarettes a step closer ·

Bbc news tough eu smoking rules approved

The vote today called for pictorial health warnings covering 75 per cent of a cigarette package, front and back, as mandatory in the EU.

The MEPs also voted to regulate e cigarettes, which Childers said “need sensible regulation”, as well as a ban on slim cigarettes.

The proposals will go to a plenary vote and if they pass this, will go on to negotiations with member states of the council. A spokesperson for Childers said they were “pretty confident” the parliament vote will be strong on the proposals, but that the battle is against the member states.

The hope is that the changes, if they are approved, would come into effect between 2015 and 2016. However, this depends on whether the council and parliament can come to an agreement on the proposals before the end of the life of the current parliament.

The new EU Tobacco Products Directive, under which these proposals come, will replace the rules that were put in place in 2001.

They look at regulating products which do not contain tobacco but which are closely linked to smoking, such as electronic cigarettes and herbal cigarettes, as well as labelling and packaging of tobacco products, additives, internet sales and tracking and tracing of these products.

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