The brand of Muratti cigarettes has been known for a long time, although little is known about its origin and further history. Cigarettes Muratti, whose types were quite popular, because of the high cost of the goods are considered elite.

Even there was a time when they were completely forgotten, but later the manufacturer regained fame, and now they can rightfully compete in popularity with serious brands of tobacco products known throughout the world.

Muratti cigarettes are aimed specifically at the female audience, this range – more often cigarettes are light. It is believed that lightened cigarettes in composition are very different from normal cigarettes. But it is not so.

It is absolutely true that lightweight tobacco products differ from the heavier ones by the original filling of their filter: in the first case there are special ventilation micro-holes and inter-layers, which are made of special materials. They keep some of the harmful substances.

More and more often in the press there is interesting information that many tobacco corporations have come up with a modern filter that detains all the toxins released from smoking. Most often, these data are virtually unconfirmed, and therefore are considered only advertising.

Initially, different kinds of these cigarettes were produced for the rich, but the high price did not at all correspond to their quality. In our time the situation has changed – a rich assortment of goods completely updated, the appearance of packs became noticeably more attractive and absolutely unique. And now the buyer has become available to one of the best tobacco products in the world at a very attractive price.

The assortment of tobacco Muratti brand is very extensive.

The entire range of Muratti with a special “zest” – the packs are decorated with special embossing and imitation of jewelry. The appearance of the pack and the cigarettes themselves are very original and taste good. Tobacco products of Muratti can not be confused due to the originality of their design and taste. They differ from other brands of high quality and magnificent design, so beloved by the beautiful half of humanity.

So, Muratti cigarettes are considered to be female. And indeed, they are aimed at this audience, because they are easy. If we analyze some of the most purchased light brands, then we can conclude that the amount of harmful substances in health in 1 product is not very different from the basic qualities of stronger tobacco products.