TRENTON, N.J. Facing a budget shortfall of more than $1 billion, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is proposing a new tax on e cigarettes to help close the gap, according to a report from Bloomberg News. The estimated $35 million in annual revenue would be used for general spending by the state.

The New Jersey Legislature already treats e cigarettes as equivalent to conventional ones for purposes such as restricting sales to minors and smoke free air laws. According to N.J. State Treasurer Andrew Sidamon Eristoff, the motivation for the proposed tax on vapor cigarettes was public health.

Tax parity is the logical next step, said Sidamon Eristoff. Why should we favor one form of tobacco derived nicotine over another?

The proposed tax highlights Christie s struggle to return the state to fiscal stability. The 51 year old Republican is trying to persuade Democratic lawmakers to trim spending after his administration overestimated revenue projections for three straight years.

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