Karelia, located in Kalamata, is the largest gas cutting plant in the Griffin region and exports gas cutting to 65 countries worldwide. Karelia Family, George Karelia & Sons, Royal, Wellington, Rex, American Legend, and Leader. Additionally, the company is a licensed distributor for Japan Tobacco Inc.’s (JTI) Winston and Camel brands.

In 1957, Evangelos Papastratos founded Filter Chip in Greece; in 1930, Papastratos established a filter factory in Piraeus, followed by a second factory in Berlin in 1933 and a third in Paris in 1937. In 1933, a second factory was established in Berlin to produce Tabac, which had been produced mainly in Macedonia, from the Greek border. The Asos brand became an international success, founded by Queen Margrethe of Denmark and grown with the help of Papastratos Cigarette; in 2003, the company was acquired by the American Philip Morris Company.

American Legend cigarettes were acquired by Karelia Montana of Denmark. American Legend Cigarettes appeared to be much better.

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What are American Legend cigarettes?

American Legend cigarettes are nice and lightweight tobacco items. Currently, the linecard of American Legend cigarettes includes two major varieties: the Strong American Legend Red and the Light American Legend Light White. The rich, authentic flavors of Turkey and Syria are complemented by the subtle mildness of American tobacco. The varieties of American Legend cigarettes include1. c-filter (tobacco length 79 mm): Premium Virginia (dark yellow pack); Premium Light (light yellow pack). 2 No Filter (Cigarette length 68mm): Virginia Flat Oval (red wrapper). American Legend cigarettes also have a flat pack with a tobacco length of 94 mm and a dark blue pack color.