Next Next cigarettes are the cheaper version of Marlboro cigarettes. This budget variant of cigarettes appeared rather recently when one of the biggest consumers of Marlboro cigarettes, Malaysia drastically increased the taxes on tobacco, eliminating, thus, Marlboro cigarettes from the market.

The tobacco blend used in the next cigarettes is absolutely the same as it is used in Marlboros. The difference is in the lower quality wrapping paper, which in spite of its lower quality is still quite durable. Next tobacco production line isn’t limited only by cigarettes there also exists a variety of Next rolling tobacco. This brand, manufactured by Philip Morris is very popular in Canada, when it competes with such budget brands as Viceroy.

Currently, Next brand underwent redesigning and the following varieties can be bought in the majority of European countries, and, certainly, online stores Next Red Edition rather strong cigarettes, containing 10 mg of tar and 0.8 mg of nicotine, Next Blue Edition slightly lighter version of Red Edition, containing 8 mg of tar and 0.6 mg of nicotine, Next Azure Edition the lightest of the regular size Next, which contains 4 mg of tar and 0.4 mg of nicotine.

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At least four marlboro men have died of smoking-related diseases –

Welcome to SmokeTastic, known as the best electronic cigarette guide available on the net! On our site you will become an expert on the different types of e cigarette, e cigars, and e liquids.

The difference with our e cigarette review site, is that we explain the pro and cons between all the major e cig styles and brands, including reviews with videos, so you get to see what they are like, all with expert analysis and in a language that you will understand!

Take a look at the table below you are only a few clicks away from finding the perfect device for you. Choose a brand and read all about them to find out the benefits and the drawbacks.

All you want to do is find the most perfect electronic cigarette to help you live a life without the need of tobacco, you re probably interested in the different varieties of e cigs and e liquids on the market, well we can help you here. If your struggling to find a device to meet all your needs and don’t want to waste your money buying 10 different types and brands then you need our guide.

Your search online for the best e cigarette has unearthed a lot of flashy sites with banners blinking at you and sales pitches that don’t really make that much sense. The vast majority of these types of reviews are only based on the basic starter kits available on the market, but do not show videos of the brands in action so you can see for yourself if it’s a device worth considering.

SmokeTastic takes a different approach. On our site you will learn about all the top devices that are currently available, each review has a video showing you how much vapor and how the e cig operates under normal conditions. It is very difficult to judge the best brands, so just because we have ranked a brand at number 1 doesn’t necessarily mean it will suit you perfectly, so our advice is to take a look at a number of our reviews and watch the videos to see the style and have a better idea if it is a brand that will suit.

The last thing that we want is to see you buy a cheap brand and turn back to smoking tobacco, we are trying our best to help smokers learn more about the better electronic cigarettes available, without the normal high pressure sales pitches, we believe after reading our reviews you will be in a stronger position to pick the perfect device.

How to Find the Best Electronic Cigarette

It is becoming more and more difficult to find the best e cigarette, and it is fair to say that not every type will suit every smoker. For example, take a regular cigarette, not everyone smokes the same brand, and for that not everyone smokes the same type, some smoke roll ups, some smoke cigars, so similarly there are different types of electronic cigarette to suit different requirements. Let’s take a look at a few of these types

Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes

There are commonly two types of rechargeable e cigarette, that is the 3 piece design and the 2 piece, the 3 piece design consists of a battery, a separate atomizer, and a chamber to fill your e liquid, the main advantage of this is that you can play around with the flavors and change the atomizer resistance measured in ohms. The more advanced e smokers use this 3 piece design and one of the most popular designs is known as the eGo range. The big disadvantage of this type of e cigarette though is that you have to change the atomizer yourself and fill the e liquid up which although only takes a couple of minutes at worst, is a bit of a drawback. The 2 piece design however is much more appreciated to the new e smoker, as it is simply a case of charging up and off you go! The two piece design consists of a battery and a cartomizer, which is basically a sealed unit consisting of both the atomizer and the cartridge of e liquid. This means the user only has to replace the cartomizer once the e liquid or vapor has run out, on replacement you get a fresh atomizer so the vapor is as thick and fresh as a new e cigarette. We have put a list of these starter kits in the table below each starter kit has its own video so you can see the vapor and the quality of the brand.

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

Now disposable e cigarette are a completely different animal, but work on the same principles as a rechargeable e cigarette, they have the same components, i.e. a battery, atomizer and cartridge of e liquid but the unit is completely sealed. This means as soon as either the battery or vapor run out you have to throw it away, just like a traditional cigarette. The main disadvantage of this type of e cigarette is that you are not getting the quality components as you would with the other products they are meant to be used once and are only built to last a short amount of time. Although the convenience of these disposable electronic cigarettes is great, simply unpack and start smok
ing. In our opinion these type of products are great for those people who want to get an idea of what an e cigarette is like, but you are not really experiencing the possibilities available to you, and would always recommend the first two options.

Electronic Cigars

This is an interesting type of electronic cigarette! And although when we first received our first e cigar back in 2003 we were all laughing and thought it was a bit of a gimmick! Now the main difference between the e cigar and the e cigarette is the look, the functionality is exactly the same, but the e liquid flavor is tailored to the cigar smoker. Now in our opinion your far better going with a rechargeable electronic cigarette and choosing a cigar flavoring, but if you have room in your pocket and want to look a little different then possibly go with this option, but bear in mind that you are restricting yourself with flavors and replacement accessories.

Personal Vaporizers

This type of electronic cigarette is taking e smoking to a new level, and you can spend hundreds of dollars personalizing your e cigarette to suit you. As e smoking becomes more and more popular the demand for the perfect electronic cigarette is becoming ever more demanding, and hence, as I mentioned before, you cannot expect to have one type or one setup to suit all smokers and this is really the huge benefit of personalized vaporizers. They consist of a variable voltage and wattage battery allowing the user to choose their perfect power level, an atomizer which can either be a sealed unit or allow the user to rap their own gage wire over a wick which can alter the resistance or heat levels and a reservoir or chamber to hold the e liquid. The e liquid can either be bought off the shelf or self mixed to again suit your flavor and thickness of vapor. We would never recommend a new user to choose a personalized vaporizer as their first electronic cigarette, as you can soon become frustrated with the setup and if you don’t know what you re doing, you might find it tough to produce a vapor that is of any quality.

So now we have considered the different types of electronic cigarette that is available, we thought we would make your job in choosing your first electronic cigarette a little easier. Below you will find what we found to be the best quality products available on the market. Take a look at each of the reviews, and choose for yourself the best electronic cigarette for you!

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The Top Ten List of E Cigarette Brands For 2014 RANKBRANDPRICEVAPORVALUEBATTERYQUALITYSCOREEDITORS REVIEW1$34.9595ExcellentExcellentExcellent98READ REVIEW2$59.9794ExcellentGoodExcellent96READ REVIEW3$59.9993ExcellentGoodExcellent95READ REVIEW4$64.9591AverageGoodExcellent93READ REVIEW4$49.9992GoodGoodGood93READ REVIEW5$69.9594GoodGoodGood92READ REVIEW6$59.9990GoodGoodGood89READ REVIEW7$69.9589AverageGoodGood88READ REVIEW8$52.4990AverageGoodGood87READ REVIEW9$59.9586AverageAverageAverage84READ REVIEW

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January and February was a busy month for us here at , we have moved to the wordpress platform to improve our engagement with our readers so hopefully you will see an improved service! We are busy reviewing new electronic cigarette brands on a daily basis, so please come back to see how the newer brands compete for the best electronic cigarette title, but at the moment that crown goes to V2 Cigs, you can read that review here. We are also still following the FDA news very closely to see what or if they propose any new rules about the use of electronic cigarettes, we will of course be writing up news stories as they unfold on our blog as always!

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