Electronic cigarettes, or e cigarettes, are a new product that lawmakers are still struggling to regulate. Advocates of stringent regulations faced a serious setback in Europe when European Parliament rejected official proposals to regulate e cigarettes as medical devices, reports the New York Times. In lieu of that proposal, lawmakers opted to regulate these products in a permissive manner similar to their non electronic counterparts. Anyone younger than 18 will not be allowed to purchase these nicotine delivery devices.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that electronic cigarettes, otherwise known as e cigarettes, are battery powered replacements for traditional cigarettes. They provide doses of nicotine and other additives in an aerosol form, without smoke. In general, e cigarette cartridges typically contain nicotine, ingredients necessary to produce aerosol, and flavorings such as fruit or chocolate. Currently, unless the electronic cigarette is being marketed for therapeutic purposes, it is unregulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Research in this area is still developing, but there are potentially harmful ingredients in e cigarette cartridges, such as irritants, genotoxins, and animal carcinogens.

Recently a study, published in the Lancet evaluated the efficacy of electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation. E cigarettes are used to mitigate tobacco withdrawal and can be offered with nicotine. Smokers hoping to quit have been using electronic cigarettes to help with the process, seemingly having an easier time than those who try to quit without easing off the addiction.

According to an analysis of the study in EurekAlert, this is the first research to evaluate e cigarettes in comparison to nicotine patches. However, this is only the first step in understanding the role of electronic cigarettes. To date, research is lacking on long term effects of e cigarettes and their effectiveness. An article in the Lancet Respiratory Medicine evaluated the need to regulate e cigarettes as medicinal devices. For some, the focus has been on the potential risks, though there is insufficient information to support that they are harmful.

WebMD notes that electronic cigarettes are purported to be safer because they do not contain the tar of traditional cigarettes. However, health professionals are still concerned. E cigarettes may still contain carcinogens and it is not clear how nicotine without tar impacts health. Without better research, the regulatory future of e cigarettes will continue to remain uncertain. Some localities and private companies are implementing their own regulations. According to 4 NBC Southern California, the California legislature is considering banning e cigarettes wherever smoking is banned. Additionally, an earlier National Monitor article reports that Starbucks has banned smoking in their outdoor areas, which includes a ban on the use of e cigarettes as well.

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