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The current Federal Excise Tax rate for each cigarette carton is about $3.90. Several off shore marketers device various ways on how to exempt their exports from this kind of tax, just like smugglers and black marketers. But there are actually handful of legal “Tax Free” cigarettes available for sale in America. These legal tax free cigarettes are officially made available for sale by “Seneca Nation of USA” which is based in Western New York. They’re federally acknowledged as an independent entity by United States, and therefore enjoy a tax free status. This “Nation of USA” has numerous agreements with the United States, that allow them free trade.

The Seneca people have been engaging in tobacco for centuries, in fact it is one of their most significant businesses. There re many web sites that take orders, promote tax free cigarettes with free shipping on all orders a reason that makes cigarettes in online stores cheaper than in brick and mortar stores. Several of the main brands available tax free are Winston, Marlboro, Golden Gate, Newport and Camel. Various other brands are available tax free through these web sites. Orders for these cigarettes are sent via US Priority Mail.

Most of the web sites that deal with cigarettes also offer cigars and tobacco. All web sites and businesses selling tax free cigarettes are controlled by the SNIBC must be an Authorized “Seneca Nations of USA” online retailer. An individual must have a social security number, valid driver’s license and should be 18 to buy tax free cigarettes on the internet. One has to undergo a signature and age verification process before a sale is made. The shipping and delivery is done usually made 5 7 days of order.
The tax free cigarettes may also be purchased via mail, so long as the procedures,regulations,and rules of the postal service are observed. Tax free cigarettes sold on the web are purely for personal use, and therefore are not for reselling. Most tax free cigarette suppliers ship only within the USA territory.